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Surfing in Suits: Quicksilver True Wetsuits

Ready for swimsuits that are literally made-to-measure suits? Well, Quiksilver has three different business suits that can be worn straight into the water.

Jan 18, 2016 | By null

We’re all familiar with the phrase “business in the front and party in the back” with regard to clothes and hairstyles but Quiksilver has brought the versatility of work and play to a whole new level with the True Wetsuits collection. Basically, golf is not the only kind of sporting activity that you can network at soon. Our friends at Men’s Folio Singapore had the story and we just had to share it! With its innovative spirit that never fails to amaze, Quiksilver has rallied available technology to come up with three different business suits that can be worn straight into the water.

For the modern gentleman who relishes scaling the corporate ladder as much as chasing waves, the collection offers the Party Tuxedo as well as two authentic single-breasted suits in black and navy – Office Smart and Casual Friday respectively – that function as perfectly in the ocean as they do in the boardroom.

The level of details invested into the design of the suits is stunning. Two-millimeter thick super stretchy jersey neoprene, the same fabric used for regular wetsuits, make up the jacket, pants, and tie. The material is firmly held together with a special wetsuit production method with glued and blind-stitched seams (GBS), while pinholes do not penetrate the fabric so as to prevent water from leaking into the suit. Pockets have been designed not to catch water while surfing, with a fastener and drain hole on the left breast inside pocket, where electronic devices can be carried. Side vents on the jacket also ensure comfort and utter ease of movement. Never fear staining the crisp-collared dress shirt, which is made with four-way stretch Dryflight fabric that is best known as the material used for board shorts.

In order to ensure the best fit, all True Wetsuits orders are available only as made-to-measure pieces that can be ordered through the Quiksilver Japan website. Despite the sleek, structured lines and the intense attention to design details that bring it up to the standard of sartorial finesse, it’s quite clear that the collection is a new animal altogether. It brings a whole new angle and dimension to the idea of pushing the boundaries of style and functionality in fashion, and reminds us that truly nothing is impossible.

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By Rachel Ang

At this point, before you head off to Quiksilver Japan, do note the website is in Japanese, for some reason. We are also unsure why only the Japanese site is offering this (ok surfing is very popular with the working set in Japan but still…). The video here is also from Japan for that market but it is crazy cool.

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