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Sunscreen In Mist Form: Dew It’s Hands-Free Approach To Vital Body Care

If protecting skin from sun damage and sunburn is a priority, Sun Screen Mist by Dew It is a daily solution that protects and replenishes skin, with its unique cooling formula that offers a considered yet hands-free approach to bodycare.

Oct 01, 2022 | By LUXUO

The daily ritual of applying sunscreen to skin can be one of the most intimate. But with current formulations’ viscous consistency and potent versions causing unwanted skin irritations, applying sunscreen has not only been time-consuming, it’s been far from luxurious. That is, until now.

Jakarta-based beauty brand, Dew It, seeks to transform individuals’ body care routines through their elevated offerings, encouraging individuals to prioritise themselves within their busy lifestyles.

It’s an endeavour which Rachel Lakhiani, the founder of the beauty brand began after her own schedule left few moments to take care of herself; “I never had time to nourish my dry skin… The effort needed to take care of such a large part of your body felt incredibly time consuming.”

The young entrepreneur’s solution was to create nourishing, hydrating formulations that harness a hands-free approach, allowing women to indulge in self-care, while maximising their availability to do so.

It’s a minimalist mindset which extends to their coveted Sun Screen Mist, a luscious, lightweight broad spectrum sunscreen that is delicately sprayed onto the body’s skin barrier, leaving it moisturised with a dewy, iridescent finish.

One of the secrets to Sun Screen Mist’s conditioning properties, is the fact it contains 35 per cent less alcohol, a mainstay in many formulations due to the way it penetrates the skin and allows ingredients within sunscreens to be absorbed. 

Sun Screen Mist’s low alcohol content is also combined with active antioxidants and Vitamin C and E derivatives to promote the skin’s collagen production and allow for enhanced replenishment in the product’s cooling spray form

The SPF50+ is the perfect skincare to wear daily indoors and out, especially in hot, humid climates and areas where the UV index can skyrocket to extreme levels. Alongside the mist are the brand’s two other formulations that offer protection from UVA and UVB rays as well as indirect sun exposure. This includes The Morning Face Sun Stick and the Dew It Anytime Cooling Cream, which combined with the Sun Screen Mist, form the ‘Heat Trio’, a range of products created to pay attention to the skin’s vital need for protection, as well as its regenerative treatment afterwards.

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