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A Modern Take On Ancient Medicine: Fortify Your Health With Pristine Farm’s Premium Bird’s Nest

Soup made with Bird’s Nest is an ancient Chinese delicacy known for its regenerative and vitality-boosting capabilities, contributing to the beauty regimens of both Zhan Ziyi and Fan Bingbing and the prosperous pregnancy journey of many. Pristine Farms keeps the time-old tradition alive for those who wish to consume the potent elixir for its diverse health-giving and therapeutic benefits.

Oct 01, 2022 | By LUXUO

Often described as the “caviar of the east” or “white gold”, Bird’s Nest is an ancient delicacy that dates back as far as the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) and is even cited as a healing remedy in the tome of Ming dynasty physician Li Shizhen, whose 16th Century annals of herbology is used to this very day.

The nests belong to a species called swiftlets, a cave-dwelling bird found in the tropical and subtropical climes of Southern Asia and whose opaque orbs are made from their solidified saliva, that hardens once exposed to air.

Historically it was only imperial nobility that had the opportunity to dine on the broth of Bird’s Nest, due to their precarious placements within the upper reaches of dark, damp caves, and the laborious task required of retrieving them, which often necessitated harvesters to balance perilously on bamboo poles.
Nowadays, ingenious and enterprising farmers such as Pristine Farms, whose parent company is the largest Bird’s Nest producer in the world, and which was founded by a renowned biologist and President of the Indonesian Bird’s Nest Association, has engineered purpose-built, multi-storey homes which allows for thousands of swiftlets to roost in flourishing environments, away from the dangers of larger animals who often prey on the small birds. This practice also safeguards the survival of the swiftlet species, as rampant overharvesting in the past meant nests were often snatched before chicks were given the opportunity to hatch.

Over the last 1,000 years, Bird’s Nest recipes have been handed down throughout Asian homes from generation to generation, due to the belief that this healing and nutritious broth imbues the drinker with strength and beauty as well as fortifying women to successfully carry their pregnancy to full-term.

Now science has proven the validity of these beliefs. Bird’s Nest is seen as a vital source of collagen, glycine, tryptophan and threonine as well as the crucial sialic acid, a rare but essential amino acid found in human breast milk that is considered the backbone of a healthy immune system and which is beneficial for the neurological development and intellectual capability of preterm infants. Benefits aren’t limited to just during a mother’s pregnancy but also help to hasten her postnatal recovery, by repairing muscles, tissue and skin post-birth as well as helping to revive her vital energy.

Nor are Bird’s Nest benefits limited to women. Working as a promising antiviral agent, it enhances the immune system while also promoting bone health, aiding in blood care and recovery, and regulating the nervous system—therapeutic benefits that can enhance the health of every individual.

Research from the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, a preeminent scientific institution based in Indonesia, shows that Bird Nests taken from non-polluted regions show a higher nutritional value and samples taken from Pristine Farm’s Bird’s Nests have been proven to show a significantly higher sialic acid content than those from any other area.

Having obtained multiple exportation certifications, Pristine Farm exports Birst Nests all over the world, and their farm to table approach ensures the highest level of quality each step of the way. From the pristine nesting environments, to processing facilities that prioritises hygiene and precision, to their Singapore based factory that is certified with ISO 22000, one of the highest standards in the food industry, Pristine Farm’s Bird’s Nests are freshly harvested and delivered to ensure exceptional quality of this prestigious product.

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