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JunBugg, A Luxury Fitness and Lifestyle Social Network

A premium, luxury fitness social network that offers best in class, boutique fitness solutions.

Jan 28, 2022 | By LUXUO
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Image: Bruce Mars/Unsplash

Based in Beverly Hills, JunBugg is a one-of-a-kind premium luxury fitness and lifestyle social network brand, being the first of its kind to offer unique fitness solutions.

JunBugg uses its NextGen platform that uses computer algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to promote a higher quality of life. It also positions itself uniquely from other training programs by using the somatotype human body-type classification system.

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Image: JunBugg

JunBugg created a new market that targets health-conscious — GenZ and Millennial consumers, who desire a better body, higher quality lifestyle, and status. These luxury consumers don’t think of health and wellness as just a trend and want the best of the best. To enhance elite fitness, JunBugg is adding an exclusive DNA test service, that generates health assessment reports, for preventive healthcare and refined training.

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Image: JunBugg

As a social network, members of JunBugg with similar body types and health conditions share fitness strategies and solutions to efficiently achieve your fitness and health goals.

“This is the same concept that has allowed humankind to progress — learn from someone that has already achieved what you want to do. This is an amazing way of empowering people,” said Louis Green the founder of JunBugg.

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Image: JunBugg

JunBugg’s NextGen Search Database allows members to customize searches for members that better match their genetic makeup, such as — body-type, age, gender, and ethnicity. There are over 50 searchable attributes that members can perform searches on, to get personalized training solutions.

In addition to that, JunBugg has a similar algorithm as Netflix and Amazon where it recognises patterns of successful fitness solutions and recommends them to newsfeeds for a more curated fitness approach.

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