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How To Take Your First Step Towards Recovery and Start Anew

A long journey starts with one step. There is hope and a chance to restart afresh.

Jun 20, 2021 | By LUXUO

The journey to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse calls for strong willpower, effort, patience and support. There are several steps of the recovery process you will go through to start life afresh as a sober person.

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To start this journey, you need to:

Accept You Need Help

The first step to recovery is when the reality dawns on you. You are a substance abuser and need help. You are not able to get yourself out of the situation. It would be best if you had an external intervention. Seek the help of a luxury rehab centre to help you with the recovery process. Professionals will walk with you through the entire process until your life is restored.

Be Psychologically Ready and Positive

Be psychologically positive and ready for the transformation. You have to have the willpower and self-belief to pursue the vision you have in mind. See yourself as a conqueror who’ll win the battle of addiction. Be determined to go through the entire process no matter how difficult it gets. The treatment will come with withdrawal experiences, separation from the familiar, to a new path that you will walk alone. Here are more information from about what happens to you when in recovery.  With a positive mindset, you will make it.

Take a Personal Inventory

A personal inventory is the process of soul-searching to assess the impact the addiction has had on your life and the lives of those that you love. Take account of all that you’ve gone through because of substance abuse. Accept the reality, no matter how painful and uncomfortable, of the mess you’ve got into in life. Address the facts you unearth about your life with utmost honesty to heal from the experiences. 

Explore Different Treatment Options

Treatment is personal and has no one size fits all. With the help of a counsellor, take time to know which option would suit you best. Get a customised treatment as it will be more effective for you. The healing process you chose should be holistic to address all the areas in your life that need change like stress management, depression, etc. Though treatments differ, they all have the elements of detoxification, behaviour change therapy, counselling, and follow-up.  

Get a Support System

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Cultivate a support system for accountability to motivate you to keep on with the treatment. The support system could be from the persons you are with at the rehab or sober friends. Inform your family of your recovery journey and request their support. Disconnect from your old friends and the social network that enabled your addictions. Be actively involved in your recovery process. It is also worth looking into a family support program for recoveryFollow through with meetings, assignments, and follow-up.

Getting into addiction is easy and gradual to notice. On the other hand, getting out of it is a challenging process. Regardless, it is possible. A long journey starts with one step. There is hope and a chance to restart afresh. Incorporate the above steps, and you will navigate your way out of the addiction. Start today, and with time, you will find yourself with a renewed life that you so much dreamt of.

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