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Defy Effects of Aging with Anti Everything

It is beauty in a bottle so you better drink it the right way. It apparently works even when topped up with vodka so lushes take note!

May 27, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

The quest for beauty is a journey filled with magical concoctions, which is what the Anti Everything promises. In an age when time is of the essence and many would kill (literally) for a taste of a beauty elixir, the cocktail Anti Everything must sound like a godsend. First of all, for the cheekier reading body, this has nothing to do with anti-matter or entropy! However, it does have something to do with science.

The secret ingredient of Anti Everything is caviar collagen for soft and supple skin. The ingredient may sound fishy (it literally is) but its health benefits cannot be denied. From improving the firmness of the skin to bettering the elasticity that reduces the appearance of fine lines, the cocktail is the perfect way to unwind without worrying about the effects of alcohol on one’s skin.

“Countless nights out with my girlfriends went hand in hand with feeling guilty about overindulging. I wanted to be freed of that feeling and set out to create a drink that combines science with lifestyle for a non-guilty pleasure,” said creator Anja Skodda in a statement.

The inclusion of fish collagen is said to be much more effective than porcine or bovine collagen. Other ingredients in the elixir include sea buckthorn for some vitamin E, lutein and fatty acids. With more than 15 times the vitamin C of oranges, the fruit is a powerful anti-oxidant and plays a key role in collagen synthesis. To truly enjoy the cocktail and unwind, the drink is topped off with vodka.

Anti Everything is expected to launch in the US and Europe this summer. 

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