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Berluti Beach Essentials Unleash Sunny Fun

A capsule collection for the summer sand comes from the firm famous for its footwear and leather.

Apr 14, 2016 | By Staff Writer

If you ever thought that playing ball at the beach just wasn’t stylish enough then Berluti has you covered. Their Spring/Summer 2016 ‘beach essentials’ capsule collection includes a bat and ball set, amongst other forms of footwear and sunny fashions, due in stores this May. This can be seen as a part of the brand’s attempts at diversification that have been taking root in the last few years, with a line of leather goods in 2005, followed by a ready-to-wear clothing line in 2011, and bespoke tailoring at certain stores.


Of course, the question would be why anyone would want to risk playing with a ball crafted out of natural rubber and leather (approx. $475) out in the open where the wayward swing, with one of the Venetian-leather grip adorned paddles, can send it flying straight off into the far horizon. Still, it’s a nice little accessory to keep around, coming in two colors – Rosso or Blu. They were made specially in collaboration with luxury beach goods firm – Beach Access.


The footwear provided, in this capsule’s case, is the espadrille. These are hand-made and come with rubber soles encased in rope, and an upper finished in natural unlined kangaroo leather. They retail for approximately $554, but you can also get the version with tasteful script-print canvas for approximately $440. Bathing suits come in three colors, are tough, and retail for approximately $362. A beach bag features in cotton and linen with a grained leather trim at approximately $1,074.

I have to admit, these look too fancy for beaches with children that run about treading on toes but if you happen to be able to get a little cove of your own to share with your friends, this could make for a trendy seaside experience.

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