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Bentley Delivers Bespoke Irons For Golf

Having already taken steps into other areas like fashion and luggage, the luxury car marque aims for the Golf market

Jun 29, 2016 | By Staff Writer

While the luxury car marque Bentley has stepped into worlds other than motoring before, most notably fashion and luggage, but this time it is aiming for something out of its comfort zone but that will certainly speak to its core audience. The top brass at Bentley decided to come up with a new bespoke collection of golf clubs, bags, and accessories in partnership with Professional Golf Europe. These products still keep the levels of exclusivity and customizability that Bentley’s well known for – maintaining the peak of exquisite metalcraft and aesthetic flair. The collection will go on sale in September, meaning Bentley Bentayga owners will have new toys to play with.

The collection consists of irons from the 3 through to PW range, and woods including a driver with three loft options (Utility, Hybrid and fairway), plus three wedges and a putter. Other accessories like a tour bag, a cart bag, and a stand bag will also be a part of it. For those who’ve already got their hands on a full set of pro clubs but still want something Bentley and golf-related, they can take a look at specially branded Bentley goods including an umbrella, a sterling silver ball marker, and a leather scorecard holder.

Bentley umbrella 2016

In order to craft tools worthy of the best golfers out there, Bentley turned to the Japanese town of Ichikawa – a town with a rich tradition of metalworking skills and hand-forging samurai swords. This ensures that every single club isn’t just placed through the rote process of manufacture, and is actually tailored to suit the precise needs of a client. Yet, the traditional technique of crafting is also combined with up to date technologies and the CNC milling process is also used for each iron.

Customization options include a choice of performance steel or graphite for the shafts, as well as a host of custom leather grips. There are also quite a number of nods to Bentley’s automobile aesthetics and design ethos, such as the knurling done on the end caps of the clubs, and diamond quilting done on caddies, matching luggage and other accessories.

The price for all of that? Well it probably depends on how much customizability you want, but for those who intend to go all the way in spiffing up their irons it could probably lead to a very hefty sum. Forbes notes that some upgrades include “custom-made $10,000 shafts or alligator skin grips”. Only aim for those (see what we did there?) if you really want to be the envy of the golf course.

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