4 Top Trending Winter Fashions for Men

Add these staple winter pieces to your wardrobe for the cosy winter days.

Nov 16, 2021 | By Joseph Low
mens winter fashion
Image: Unsplash/Karsten Winegeart

Winter fashions for 2021 offer the perfect combination of classy and comfy. As the world transitions gradually out of work at home mode and back into public spaces, people are looking for clothes that can transition seamlessly with them. Add these staples to your wardrobe for a cosy season that looks as good as it feels.

Fleece or Cargo Vests

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Image: Unsplash/James Bloedel

Vests combine fashion and functionality seamlessly. Soft fleece is a trending fabric this year for its unbeatable coziness. Paired with a long-sleeve T-shirt or thermal, a fleece vest adds just the right touch of warmth around your core, making it great for the early winter months.

Cargo vests provide a plethora of pockets, making them a popular piece of 2021 men’s winter fashion for active pursuits like hiking, ice fishing, or intrepid winter camping. A pocketed cargo vest can also give you rugged and outdoorsy appeal for everyday activities as well.

Cable Knit Sweaters

cable knit sweater
Image: Unsplash/Nadia Clabassi

Knitwear has made its way to the catwalks in 2021, inviting men to don this timeless piece in sophisticated style. The sweaters of the season aren’t the heavy, bulky items of years past. These are lighter in weight and built to layer. Tuck a cable knit sweater under a jean jacket for a casual outing or pair it with khakis and a pea coat for a special holiday event. 

Esquire describes these sweaters as the epitome of “casual refinement.” You can’t go wrong with a classic beige cable knit that lets all the details of this distinctive knit pattern shine. For a more subtle touch of sophistication, you might also opt for a black sweater, where the details of the knit don’t stand out as much.

Men’s Pea Coat

Image: Unsplash/Zahir Namane

The pea coat was originally developed for British and Dutch sailors in the 18th century. The clean look was soon adopted by the U.S. Navy. Pea coats glean their name from the twilled wool pilot or “P” cloth that they’re traditionally constructed from. Modern pea coats typically feature anywhere from 60 per cent to 100 per cent wool for ample warmth and comfort. 

These versatile coats make an outstanding 2021 staple with their ability to transition seamlessly from casual to dressy. Black, navy, and grey are the most common colours for pea coats, making it easy to wear this staple over any outfit. 

Knit Polos

knitted polo
Image: The Girl On A Motorcycle

Polos have traditionally featured pique cotton, but they’re getting a makeover for the cool weather months. Textured knit polos are trending in a variety of colours and designs for the 2021 season. The folded collar is a signature feature, but the details vary greatly.

You can find these polos with buttons or zippers at the neckline. Slick stripes, busy patterns, and colour blocking all add interest to select pieces as well. Pair these with chinos for the ideal answer to everyday workwear.

Update your style for the 2021 winter season with these trending pieces and you’ll have the staples, from fleece coats to polos and men’s leggings, you need to create a great look for any event. From business casual meetings to holiday parties, these items can do it all.

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