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Mindfulness In Nature Deep Water Bay

Hong Kong’s Deep Water Bay promises a luxury property alcove offering scenic views of mountains and oceans.

Apr 14, 2018 | By Yacht Style

The photo was taken at Black’s Link on 18 April 2017.

Mindfulness In Nature Deep Water Bay

No sooner have the magnificent mountain peaks captured your attention than Deep Water Bay Drive comes into view, hills above offset by sea below, introducing a totally unique sense of calm. Nestled amongst mountain splendour, Deep Water Bay possesses a vast natural environment, with a deluxe private club nearby and rich heritage all around. One of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets, this stunning location has a long-established identity of elegance, refinement, and understated nobility.

“Green isn’t just a colour, it’s a state of luxury.”

The photo was taken at Deep Water Bay on 5 June 2017.

Picturesque Country Parks: Hong Kong Island’s only Feng Shui Forest

Deep Water Bay is surrounded by Hong Kong Island’s country parks, including Pok Fu Lam, Aberdeen and Lung Fu Shan, covering more than 700 hectares — equivalent to approximately 36 times the area of Victoria Park. This kaleidoscopic setting of green serenity brings nature to your doorstep with access to a range of tree-lined hiking trails, including the Hong Kong Trail, Tai Tam Country Trail, Violet Hill Trail and Lady Clementi’s Ride.

Lady Clementi’s Ride runs through the only Feng Shui forest in Hong Kong — Nam Fung Road Woodland. This mature forest features the greatest number of plant species recorded in Hong Kong, including plants of great conservation value.

In 1993, the Hong Kong government declared it a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Living in Deep Water Bay means to exist in harmony with Hong Kong’s stunning natural assets while enjoying the ultimate in luxury and leisure.

“Communion with nature requires no words.”

The photo was taken on Shek O Country Park on 3 May 2017.

International Schools: In The Footprint Of Rich History

The Hong Kong Island South district has nurtured a range of brilliant talents over the years, including a number of renowned contemporary writers. The area bears the footprints of Eileen Chang and her legendary Love in a Fallen City, Xiao Hong’s most beautiful final chapter, as well as icons of the Vernacular Movement, President of Peking University Cai Yuanpei, and The Peanut author Xu Dishan. Commemorating these cultural greats is the Southern District Literary Trail; its five literary landmarks standing in proud recognition of each scholar’s legacy.

Today, Hong Kong Island South retains its spirit of fostering greatness. Nearby international schools include the South Island School, the Hong Kong International School, the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, and the German Swiss International School.

“Life is a dance, the world a stage, each step an act of mindfulness.”

This photo was taken at Deep Water Bay Beach and HK Golf Club in November 2016.

Pristine And Private: A High-Class City Hideaway

According to Forbes in 2015, Deep Water Bay is the world’s wealthiest neighbourhood — home to 19 of the city’s tycoons with an aggregate net worth in excess of US$100 billion.

Most of these tycoons belong to the city’s most prestigious private clubs in Deep Water Bay, including Hong Kong Golf Club, Aberdeen Marina Club, and The American Club Hong Kong. Of special note is Deep Water Bay Drive’s Crown Wine Cellars, a world-renowned wine cellar and private members club. Formerly known as Shouson Hill’s Central Ordnance Munitions Depot or “Little Hong Kong”, the wine cellar has been declared a UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Site in 2007.

“Luxury is nothing without nature.”

Mindfulness of the ebb and flow of nature is the key to a life where leisure is a state of being. Being among jewel-green hills, immersed in deep culture, existing in perfect harmony, is a form of luxury. Compared with traditional hill-top mansion environments, Hong Kong Island South’s Deep Water Bay is alive with clarity and unpretentious luxury.

This photo was taken at Deep Water Bay Drive on 30 April 2017.

Situated on Deep Water Bay Drive is Nan Fung Group and Vervain Resource’s latest premium residential development. The stunning natural greenery was seamlessly integrated into the architectural design to harmonise perfectly with the natural surroundings. To live here is to walk as one with nature in both body and mind, embracing all things in a spirit of mindfulness, cultivating a life of joy and comfort.

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Images courtesy of Nan Fung Group

*** This article is republished from Issue 42 of Yacht Style.

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