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London Brings ‘Co-Living’ to Old Oak at North West

The Old Oak situated at north west offers a new way to live, work and play and make the most out of London’s life

Oct 24, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Co-living at The Collective Old Oak has been designed for those who want to make the most of London life.

The Old Oak is a 10-storey building situated on a canal bank in the North West of London. The development has an appeal to that of a hotel, but in fact, if you take a step inside, The Old Oak is a large-scale housing, consisting of 546 rooms with high-end facilities, offering upscale services to its tenants.

Strategically located near two of London’s Underground stations, The Old Oak is well-connected with about ten minutes’ walk to access the public transportation, serving the needs, particularly for working adults, making their daily travels easier.

Opened in the spring of 2016, London has caught on the concept of ‘co-living’ and brought the ideal accommodation to The Old Oak for the collective whole that re-defines modern living in the way people work, play, live and socialise.

As it was not known when the concept was first introduced but it was said to have started in the United States as there “was no niche market,” said Ryan Fix, consultant at The Collective. The concept of ‘Co-living’ is foreseeable in the future “to be a massive movement in the coming decades.”

The Old Oak is defined by its industrial-style architecture and its interior features a large common space filled with colourful armchairs and wooden furniture where the young at heart intersect and like-minded people share interests.

Inside The Old Oak, it boasts high-end facilities such as a spa, gym, library, work room, restaurant and even a cinema, which is packed for evening showings of the hit TV series “Game of Thrones”. Communal activities such as music evenings and yoga classes are offered as well.

The Ensuite Room (Premium) offers a private living space with shared kitchenette and breakfast bar, overseeing views of London

Each room is designed to be spacious with large windows. Measuring at 12 sqm per room, the living space is well-equipped with modern facilities such as: a tiny ensuite bathroom, a small wash basin placed almost over the toilet, and a kitchenette. However, cooking and washroom areas in other rooms are shared.

According to Knight Frank, a typical room in shared accommodation costs £1,602 per month in central London and £954 in areas farther out. The Old Oak’s prices are largely in line with those of the local area. The majority of the rooms cost between £850 and £1,100 pounds per month, but that includes all bills (energy, internet, cleaning, taxes and common facilities). The largest are advertised at more than £1,400.

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