Mahogany furniture in Singapore with the My Signature Londoner collection by bornincolour

Sleek and simple, the new collection but the homegrown brand is one that will make your home cosy with lots of style

Feb 07, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

It is a perfect balance of rustic and industrial with the new My Signature Londoner collection from bornincolour. The furniture company brings a range of pieces that are inspired by Kinfolk Industrial and boast clean lines for that touch of class. The exclusive collection from Korea aims to help homeowners decorate their homes with modern pieces that will enrich one’s living space.

The local brand, that is based in Singapore was first started in 2014 and has provided us with decorating solutions that are not only unique but also affordable. For those who have attended events such as Affordable Art Fair and Art Stage Singapore, the designs from the new collection may be familiar.


While there is a prominent use of wood such as raw mahogany, the collection also balances the rustic nature of the designs with slim black and gold dipped legs. One such example is the mahogany table that comes with gold dipped legs, perfect for those who prefer luxurious designs that are not loud. Other items in the collection include a sofa set that is fitted with gold dipped legs and interchangeable fabric.

The My Signature Londoner collection is available at the bornincolour studio for a limited period only.

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