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Unique Furniture Design: The Mecca Center Table by Brabbu brings Middle Eastern architecture

Those looking to find out what Portugal has to offer in furniture design, can take a look at Brabbu.

Jan 29, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

When searching for the ideal piece of furniture for your humble abode, it serves to have something that is custom made and beautiful. One such source that provides quality products to suit your needs is Portuguese furniture brand, Brabbu. The brand joins a growing list of furniture designer brands such as Memoir, and Boca do Lobo and DelightFULL who hail from the European country.

Featuring handcrafted creations, we were drawn in by its Mecca center table. Standing at a height of 50cm and a width of 120cm, the design for the table was inspired by the place of pilgrimage that it is named after. The architectural details as seen in mosques are seen in the brass columns that hold the table up. Made to resemble the pillars seen in the beautiful mosques, the brass stand holds up the green marble top. With a colour combination that is unique and sure to stand out in your living space the Mecca center table is a wise investment in decorating your home.

With the accents of gold capturing your attention with its sparkle, the Mecca center table allows those who love muted tones to play with textures and colours. Apart from the unique design and materials the center table boasts an oval shape that allows it to find a home in a narrow space.

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