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Luxury Glassware to Serve Up a Prosperous Libation Spread

From Dior to Tom Dixon, these new glassware brands will add a prosperous flourish when you serve your libations during Chinese New Year.

Jan 23, 2024 | By Joe Lim
Nude glassware

Nude glassware from Turkey is beloved by design heads everywhere. Image: Nude.

Raise a glass to the season of prosperity as you usher in the Year of the Dragon. Turn up the notch when serving libations to your guests, as LUXUO presents an incredible spread of glassware that will make any drink or tipple an occasion to be savoured and cherished. Our list of beguiling glassware from renowned brands will add flourish to any table setting.



Philippe Starck’s “Talleyrand” for Bacarrat. Image: Baccarat.

Extra champagne, please? The champagne coupe from Philippe Starck’s Talleyrand series blends strength and poetry, elegance and ergonomics, with a softly curved edge. The champagne coupe has long been associated with elegance, whether held in the hand or presented in a glittering cascade.


Philippe Starck’s “Talleyrand” champagne coupe. Image: Bacarrat.

Honouring Talleyrand, another outstanding Baccarat collection, is Philippe Starck. A finely sculpted rim on a glass with strong lines follows the curve of the lips, adding a touch of lightness to the motion. This crucial element gave Philippe Starck the idea to create a line of glassware that combines strength and poetry, elegance and ergonomics, legacy and modernity.


A brand-new line of crystal creations from Dior Maison that represent elegance are ready to turn spirit-savouring moments into an occasion. This translucent set, which includes tumblers, cocktail glasses, and round and rectangular decanters, is embellished with beautiful hand-engraved designs. The distinctive House codes—chevrons, stripes, or cannage—enhance each of these one-of-a-kind pieces and showcase the superior Dior savoir-faire. These new objects of desire enhance the translucent and coloured glass collections from Dior Maison. Made in France, these eye-catching glasses are made entirely of crystal.



Turkish-based Nude glassware makes a huge array of designs. Image: Nude.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more striking set of glasses than this “Wine Party” collection designed by Ron Arad for Nude. The London-based Arad has made a name for himself in the furniture and lighting world. The influence of Dadaism on Arad’s work was made visible in the “Rover” chair – it was part art object, part purposeful chair.

Today, Arad’s works have become notable pieces in many modern museums worldwide. The “Wine Party” collection is a valuable and whimsical item created from the best lead-free crystal. It is compact enough to fit in your pocket but roomy enough to satisfy your thirst with a taste of your favourite red wine. Nude’s signature is their artistry and craftsmanship in handcrafted glass.

Another notable collection in the Turkish-based glassware brand is the “Hepburn” range designed by Brad Ascalon. The Hepburn line offers a novel, contemporary interpretation of traditional barware. This cocktail shaker is made of lead-free crystal and has a metal top with a highly polished copper finish. This design demonstrates how well classic glassware fits into a modern setting with its flowing contours and textural contrast. Martini, low-ball, and long drink glasses are also available. Founded in 1935, Nude is based in Turkey and prides itself as an artisan brand focusing on handmade pure lead-free crystalline glassware, which is blown or press-blown by Master Blowers. Today, Nude is recognised as one of the world’s most acclaimed glassware brands.


The “Travasare” motion, which involves pouring liquids from their original packaging to serving pieces that are ready to be set on a table, is the focal point of this new glassware series dubbed “Travasi” created by Astrid Luglio for Ichendorf Milano. Luglio hails from Naples and has a studio producing products in Italy and abroad. From the beginning, Astrid chose glass processing as a technique for her design experimentation, seeking narrative and functionality in the products she designs. The small German village of Quadrath-Ichendorf is the birthplace of Ichendorf Milano, a shining example of glassmaking ingenuity and beauty. Ichendorf’s 1990 relocation to Milan was a significant turning point in the company’s history, which began with master glassmakers crafting magnificent designs to satisfy the era’s sophisticated tastes. With this change, a new chapter in the history of collaboration with famous designers such as Marco Sironi, Alba Gallizia, and Mist-O began. Every teapot, cup or glassware made by Ichendorf Milano is evidence of the company’s skill in working with materials like borosilicate glass and crystal. Ichendorf’s glassware uses mouth-blowing, hand-finishing, and lampworking techniques that turn each piece into a work of art that elevates any table setting. Ichendorf Milano is constantly redefining glassmaking via its commitment to fusing traditional craftsmanship with modern design, resulting in pieces sure to spark conversation at any table.

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon’s new “Tank” series of glassware featuring a green tint. Image: Tom Dixon.

Tom Dixon’s “Tank” collection of drinking vessels comprises only the most basic geometric shapes—spheres, cones, and cylinders. Stocked at Xtra, these objects have an instantly recognisable minimalist design at the top, substantially counterbalanced by the thick, solid glass serving as the pedestal.

Tom Dixon

The new “Tank” glassware from Tom Dixon also offers a decanter to match the glasses. Image: Tom Dixon.

The new green-hued range is a very tasteful and subdued emerald green. Given that green is linked to many positive aspects, including energy, nature, relaxing and anxiety-reducing effects, health, and growth, the choice of colour seems appropriate for spring! Additionally, green has the attribute of equilibrium due to its placement in the middle of the visible light spectrum, which makes the Tank vessels the ideal dinnerware partner for any meal.



The “Iskender” glassware collection from Hermès. Image: Hermès.

For a brand steeped in the luxury business for over 180 years, Hermès needs no introduction. Renowned for its high-quality, artisanal equestrian leather products, the French brand also delves into home decor. Its “Iskender” crystal collection offers elegance, simplicity, clean lines, and minimalist aesthetics. You will appreciate the fine craftsmanship and precision-cut crystal designs in the Iskender collection, whether the wine glass or decanter. Eleven pieces make up this spectacular collection. Everything is done entirely by hand, then flat cut. Not just limited to libations, these artworks can transform the act of drinking water into an occasion.

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