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Junichi Hakose Breathes New Life into Christofle’s Iconic MOOD Series

The Christofle x Junichi Hakose MOOD creations are a selection of seven handcrafted, and contemporary objects based traditional Japanese patterns.

Jan 25, 2021 | By Julia Roxan

Christofle x Junichi Hakose MOOD creations

In an effort to continually prioritize mastery of techniques and exceptional craftsmanship, Christofle has announced a special collaboration with one of the world’s most acclaimed Japanese lacquer and special craft “Makie” artists, Junichi Hakose. Through reimagining the Christofle’s iconic MOOD series, this collaboration gives rise to seven exceptional designs, each in limited quantities.

Junichi Hakose

With immense delicacy and meticulous attention to detail, the launch of the Christofle x Junichi Hakose exceptional MOOD creations, not only represents an ideal balance between tradition and innovation but pays homage to the Japonisme movement, its history, and its dedication to highly artisanal works of art.

Regarded a transformative and highly prized material that has been refined for over 9000 years, Japanese lacquer, or urushi, first came to prominence during the spread of Buddhism in the ninth century. Initially produced in large numbers as decorative varnish for temples and amongst the privileged class, the advancement of various techniques and art forms eventually lead to the rise of ‘Makie’ – the association of lacquer with decorative elements in Japanese art.

Translating to “sprinkled picture”, Makie refers to the process of trickling gold or silver powder over the urushi as it dries to make beautiful designs. As a product of tireless hours, and intricate precision, each piece of urushi art requires the careful application of many layers, a series of prolonged drying periods in-between, and an ornamentation process, which can take months to complete. Characterized by a multitude of lacquer techniques, and various unique forms of beauty, traditional urushi lacquerware is known to be extremely durable and of such high quality that pieces from hundreds of years ago, still retain their glossy lustre up till this day.

Lionized as symbols of patience and resilience, the motifs showcased in Christofle x Junichi Hakose MOOD creations are a selection of seven themes based traditional Japanese patterns. Incorporating chrysanthemums, cherry blossoms, fortune treasures, dragons, phoenixes, Pegasus, and butterflies, the Christofle x Junichi Hakose collaboration gathers all the techniques of lacquer – including one to create a three-dimensional feel – to present seven individually handcrafted works of art.

Christofle x Junichi Hakose MOOD creations

With six out of seven designs currently available for sale, the final Christofle x Junichi Hakose MOOD ‘Butterfly Flying with Wild Flowers’ design, is expected to launch both online and in all Christofle stores by May 2021.

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