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Villa Chameleon Is Luxury Living In The Balinese Jungle

This eco-friendly Villa is a contemporary luxury residence in the jungles for those who prefer privacy away from the popular Canggu.

Jul 11, 2018 | By Terence Poh

Villa Chameleon / Word of Mouth House

Located in the area of Buwit, a village in the southwest coastal area of Bali, the Chameleon Villa is a contemporary luxury residence for those who prefer privacy away from the popular Canggu. The villa is situated on an acre of land, overlooking a thick forest with a river that runs gently through the foliage and the western length of the residence.

The Chameleon Villa: Luxury Lodging That Is Also Sustainable

Villa Chameleon / Word of Mouth House

The architects at Word Of Mouth commit themselves to marrying society and space. Naturally, the folks created a building that blends in harmoniously with the landscape and topography of the site. Working on a concept of ‘landscaped architecture’, the result is a building that assimilates beautifully into the lush forests of Bali – the villa peeks out of the landscape at some parts, while disappearing into the the foliage at others. Due to the contour of the land, the building manages to adopt vantage points overseeing the river below and the forest across, offering “in-between spaces” – the juxtaposition of modern interior design and nature’s offerings – that guests may enjoy despite the steep pitch.

In true Balinese architecture, the villa features open-air pavilions that are multi-functional. Communal spaces are also kept open and welcome to the elements, while private areas offer the option to close up as preferred.

The main building comprises of two levels where rectangular spaces stack on each other off-axis on the land. An outer frame supports, insulates, and protects the inner frame from the elements. “Camouflaged” roofs covered with greenery cools the interior space and helps rainwater collection. The result is a marrying of varying aspects and spaces that is minimalist and modern, yet “earthy” and organic, allowing guests to enjoy luxury lodging close to nature.

Villa Chameleon / Word of Mouth House

Using a palette of materials that are both natural and locally-sourced, Word Of Mouth is able to minimise the villa’s carbon footprint, while supporting local suppliers and artisans. The space is eco-friendly, with green systems such as passive cooling and solar panelling, down to sustainable materials selection and rainwater collection system for irrigation of the lush gardens surrounding and within the space.

The Chameleon Villa stays to true to the locale of the area, conserving the landscape that nature offers for the beautiful quarters.

Villa Chameleon accommodates up to 10 guests with 5 bedrooms, 7 beds, and 6.5 baths, at US$650 a night via

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