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Palace of Versailles Hotel and Restaurant

Come 2018, you can have the royal treatment of the former home of French kings and queens.

Apr 06, 2016 | By Vimi Haridasan

We may not be as lucky as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to rent out the former home of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV for a night. We can however, soon book one of 20 rooms that will form part of the hotel in the historic Palace of Versailles, soon to be the latest of Paris’ luxury hotels.

In a project spearheaded by celebrity chef Alan Ducasse and luxury hotel group LOV Hotel Collection, three buildings in the palace grounds will be converted into hotel rooms. Tenders for the project submission were announced last summer and saw the final victors beat 20 contenders for the role. It was like the Bachelorette, only you know, not really. In the southeast area of the palace grounds, the 2,800 square meters that served as the king’s Ministry of Finance and a military mess for soldiers will be transformed into a hotel and fine dining restaurant.

Said to feature décor that remains faithful to the 18th century, meaning opulent and lavish, the renovations are expected to cost upwards of €14 million euros. It is safe to assume that the end result will put even the former royal residents to shame with its granduer as well as its sanitation (Versailles was famously filthy).

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