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Kapsimalis Architects Transforms Ancient Volcanic Remains into The Saint Hotel

Spanning over six floors, the cliffside Saint Hotel by Kapsimalis Architects references the area’s authentic cubist morphology whilst incorporating the Bronze Age’s rich, classic Cycladic aesthetic.

Feb 12, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

What was once a cluster of abandoned homes, barns and cellars amidst a rugged landscape of ancient volcanic remains, is now the Santorini island’s proudest structure. Designed and conceptualized by Greek studio, Kapsimalis Architects, the cliffside Saint Hotel incorporates the Bronze Age’s rich, classic Cycladic aesthetic.

Kapsimalis Architects Transforms Ancient Volcanic Remains into The Saint Hotel

Through the tireless process of restoring and revamping, the Saint Hotel steps downward on a seaside cliff, providing unobstructed views of the island’s volcanic bay on every level. Featuring rooms built snug into the steep hillside, the hotel’s sixteen suites include private terraces with pools and loungers, separated by white concrete walls.

Comprising of a small reception, restaurant, common pool area, spa, hammam, sauna booths, massage rooms, and gym – the hotel spans over six floors with the entrance positioned at the uppermost level and easily accessed on foot, with exterior staircases creating a central path for guests and staff to navigate the space.

Referencing the area’s authentic cubist morphology, Kapsimalis Architects were careful in ensuring the renewed contemporary space blended seamlessly into the surrounding caldera landscape – restoring caves and maintaining the significant motifs of traditional Cycladic design, the architects heavily-incorporated the use of white and a human scale throughout the construction process.

Enhancing the existing contours and terrain of its natural environment, the Saint Hotel is uniform in its minimal, bright white approach. Featuring the slightest touch of gold and green, the hotel’s interior draws an undivided attention to the mesmerizing scenes of outdoor Santorini, whilst providing guests with a great sense of opulence, relaxation, privacy and comfort.

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