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Hurawalhi Invites You to Dinner Under the Sea

This Maldives resort, still in development, boasts the largest underwater restaurant and may just be the place for all your holiday needs.

Mar 22, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The deep oceanic blue of the Maldives has captured many a tourist’s fancy with its natural beauty but one resort is taking things to all new depths. The Hurawalhi resort being developed may be just the locale to capture those idealized dreamy fancies with as much luxury and comfort as possible. With its massive underwater restaurant, ocean villas, and facilities, Hurawalhi may be just the resort for you to look to when you plan your holidays in future.


The underwater restaurant is the gem of the whole structure. The 400 ton megastructure was built in New Zealand (that is it above, on its way to the resort) and is set to sit 5.2 meters below the lagoon, with guests entering by a staircase from a little hut on the jetty. While there will also be an over-the-water restaurants providing both a la carte and buffet meals, the underwater restaurant aims to set itself up with a fine dining “tasting” menu so that the guests can taste refined cooking in full view of the undersea “landscape” so to speak.


Beyond that though, Hurawalhi boasts 90 Villas spanning over 105 sqm either set on the beach or in the ocean. Every villa shares the same features such as tropical décor, a king sized bed, a stocked mini bar, high speed broadband connection etc… but guests can choose whether they want a villa with an infinity pool or not, as well as a view of the sunrise or sunset. The resort is reached by seaplane from the Trans Maldivian Airways Terminal at the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport.


Other amenities include several bars, a games center, a scuba center, a spa, various entertainment events related to Maldives culture, a gift shop, a Sifani Jewelers shop, and a medical clinic.

With all this set up for the future, Hurawalhi sounds like the perfect place for you to kick back and relax, with a panoramic view of the ocean from your pool, watching the sunset in the very cradle of comfort.

For more information, you can check out Hurawalhi’s main site.

Images courtesy of Hurawalhi

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