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‘Hamlet’ Castle Opens For One Night Stay

After wowing us with time in a shark tank, Airbnb offers an interesting ‘suite’, open for the first time in 100 years, to celebrate the bard’s birthday.

Apr 07, 2016 | By Staff Writer

In a celebration of Shakespeare’s 400th birthday on April 23, the 15th Century Kronborg Castle in Denmark will transform itself into a hotel for two special guests to be able to experience what it’s like to live as Danish royalty. This will be the first time in a hundred years that anyone will spend a night at the UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is all thanks to the people responsible for the castle, presumably, listing it on Airbnb

The castle was immortalized in Shakespeare’s longest and arguably best-known play, Hamlet, as the primary setting where the whole tragedy unfolds. But, in this case, rather than having vengeful ghosts and hate-filled princes, the two lucky guests will get to attend a soiree for 300, with a seven-course banquet featuring dishes such as asparagus with oyster emulsion; boneless quail with figs and apricots; and lemon soufflé. Danish actors, singers and writers, as well as The Royal Danish Ballet have also been tapped as entertainment for the evening.


After the party, the King’s Tower (seen above) will be open as a bedroom where the guests can enjoy a canopy bed and a view of the castle moat, and the starry sky.

In order to qualify, candidates must contact the host ‘Prince Hamlet’ and tell him why they’d like to spend the night in his castle by 11:59 pm April 13. Extra points will also be given for submission written in iambic pentameter (10 syllables – five beats strung in a queue). Winners will be flown in so submissions from anywhere in the world are most welcome.

Airbnb has done up similarly strange and surprising accommodations in the past, such as offering a chance for two guests to sleep in a shark tank. At least, comparatively, a Gothic castle with a haunted past doesn’t sound that bad.

For more information, you can check out the listing here.

This story was written in-house, based on an AFP report.

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