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4 Milan Furniture Fair Highlights to Track

With the Milan Furniture Fair coming up, these are the four brands to look out for during the event.

Apr 07, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

With the Milan Furniture Fair opening from April 12 to 17, countless professionals with a keen eye for design will be on the lookout for the next notable items and designs. These are some of the designs scouted out from manufacturers that will be displaying at the fair.

Petite Friture

They may have just only been recently established, but Petite Friture has quite a number of interesting goods up for offer.


The “Grid” modular sofa by Petite Friture

The “Grid” sofa designed by Pool was launched in 2015, and stood out for its modular design. Now, a new version has been conceived of in order to max out the possible combinations that can be put together for interesting and comfortable mix-ups. Besides featuring an armchair, other modular elements include an armchair without armrests, left and right corner armchairs, a footstool, a two-seat sofa and a low table.


The “Mediterranea” floor lamp by Petite Friture

The “Mediterranea” lighting range by designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance is another item to look out for. Each of these four brass lights (floor lamp, wall light, table lamp, and ceiling light) has a sculpted metal shade that diffuses light through a cutaway pattern.

Fritz Hansen


The updated version of the “Oxford” chair by Fritz Hansen

The “Oxford” chair has been one of the Republic of Fritz Hansen’s flagship pieces. It was designed in 1965 by Arne Jacobsen for the Professors’ table in the vast dining hall at St Catherine’s College at Oxford University. This time they’re reworking it with two more modern versions of the chair – the Classic and the Premium. The Classic comes finished in monochrome black, highlighting the shape of the chair as a single form by toning down the original frame, while the Premium gets a thicker layer of foam.


"Lumiere" by Foscarini

“Lumiere” by Foscarini

As with Fritz Hansen, Foscarini is also reworking a new design for a modern touch. The “Lumière” Lamp celebrates 25th anniversary by having a blown glass shade with a metallic mirror-effect finish, so as to match the stand.


Frontline Italian design manufacturer Cappellini has two radically different chairs to offer.

"Drum" by Cappellini

“Drum” by Cappellini

The “Drum” is a strikingly outsized armchair covered in elasticated material or leather, and made by 3D printing. It comes available in blue, black, turquoise, white and orange.

"Embroidery" by Cappellini

“Embroidery” by Cappellini

“Embroidery” is a chair that showcases Cappellini’s expertise at the technique. Embroidery and photography are combined to create a dramatic effect.

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