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Best Way to Spend Your Holiday: Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel overlooking La Mer de Glace

Overlooking La Mer de Glace, Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel offers some of the most scenic views in the world

Dec 28, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

You’ve worked hard for over 90% of the year and the best way to spend your holidays is to go for a trip to some of the most beautiful places; so why not head to the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel overlooking the La Mer de Glace? It’s only been housing mountaineers and travelers from all across Europe since the late 1800s.

Overlooking La Mer de Glace, Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel offers some of the most scenic views in the world. For those unfamiliar, the Mer de Glace is a valley glacier located on the northern slopes of the Mont Blanc massif, in the French Alps and it has drawn climbers from all across the globe, leaving them mesmerised and enchanted by the sheer majesty of this geographical tapestry.The impressive and picturesque mountain-scape has attracted more artistic visitors, painters and later photographers since the 18th century until the construction of Grand Hotel du Montenvers in 1880 where it became a “must stay” hotel for all travelers to the valley glacier depicted in Joseph Mallord William Turner‘s “Source of the Arveron in the Valley of Chamouni Savoy”

Best Way to Spend Your Holiday: Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel overlooking La Mer de Glace

If you’re looking for a way to impress the heck out of your companions and to satisfy your appetite for provenance and luxury, there’s simply no better place to spend your holidays at the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel.  Legendary for its history, magical by nature and envied for its panoramic view, the Mer de Glace at Montenvers, above Chamonix is one of the finest jewels of the French Alpine heritage.

Each of the 20 rooms and suites at the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel overlooking the 7km La Mer de Glace has since been renovated but still maintain the essence of their mountain refuge roots with the original furniture has been preserved and re-used to give it new life.  Old wooden chimneys have been transformed into bookcases, bedside lamps replaced with miner’s lamps and leather travel trunks, brought back from journeys and expeditions of the past, turned into bedside tables.

In the bathrooms, the use of stone highlights the washbasins and retro bathroom fittings. There is absolutely everything you need to enjoy unique experiences with your family and friends. At 6725 feet above sea level, the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel faces the top of Europe – the Mont Blanc summit, a juxtaposition of traditional accommodations which also includes a heritage old-school dormitory which sleeps 10 in capsule style bunk-beds with luxurious restaurants and on-site coffee shop serving local alpine cuisine, this ocean of ice impresses and attracts thousands of visitors with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

A Picturesque Heritage Stay at the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel

With room rates covering accommodation, breakfast and dinner, the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel enjoys five tiers:

  1. The Refuge rooms are designed to be like intimate cocoons, offering the charm of yesteryear and old-fashioned yet comfortable furnishings: parquet flooring, reclaimed dark wood panelling, cosy beds, mountain wool fabrics and subdued lighting.
  2. The Hiker rooms really go back to basics with simple, welcoming, comfortable lodgings. Designed like cosy nests with reclaimed dark wood panelling, mountain wool fabrics and soft duvets, they are the perfect place for sharing authentic experiences like re-reading “Premier de Cordée”… There is a sofa bed for a third person. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a shower.
  3. The Family Hiker rooms are simply and authentically decorated with comfort in mind for families to come together and share special times in the mountains. They have a double bed, a sofa bed and bunk beds and can accommodate up to 5 people. Each bedroom has its own bathroom with a shower.
  4. The Tribu rooms offer 5 or 7 beds and have been designed for families or groups of friends sharing fun times and unforgettable moments together. They offer the authentic ‘Refuge’ experience with comfortable, modern decor, light wood panelling and exposed beams, but enjoy the privacy of having their own bathroom.
  5. The Altitude suites are perfect for a cosy romantic break. They are more spacious, decorated in an authentic style and provide all the comfort needed for you to enjoy your stay. The bathroom offers a bath and a shower and is open to the bedroom giving the whole area a boudoir feel. A sofa bed can accommodate a third person.

Food & Beverage at the Refuge du Montenvers

Life at the Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel is best experienced with a bit of mountain cuisine at the Restaurant du Montenvers. Savour transalpine flavors like the Snail cassolette of the Mont Blanc country, crust with morels, roast poultry or fondues signed by the master cheesemaker Boujon..

Le Panoramique Mer de Glace restaurant, the hotel’s bistro is a venue with a view featuring French cuisine promoting regional flavours: a selection of verrines, slates and dishes prepared in their cast-iron cocottes, simmered with love. Enjoy classics like the Savoyard hotpot, Pela des Aravis or grandmother’s roast chicken, a favorite family recipe. Try mountain favorites like the Mer de Glace, a homemade ice cream cup, the classic Mont-Blanc with chestnut cream or the Aiguille Rouge, poached pear, blackcurrant and gingerbread.

It’s named Le Panoramique for a reason – the best, most breathtaking views of the Mer de Glace and the Drus is found here. Ceramic subway tile, notes of light woods, a simple yet refined decor leaves the beauty to the incredible view of the Petit Dru and the Mer de Glace. When summer arrives, enjoy the incredible terrace which gives the impression of being “at the edge of the world.”

Finally, a place which guests and Montenvers skiers of the Vallée Blanche can stop and share: The Bar des Glaciers, located at the arrival station of the Montenvers train, where snacks prepared with fresh, ingredients are proposed at any time of day. Featuring rough and natural materials such as granite and wood, The Bar des Glaciers renovations echo the natural environment just steps from the terminus. A large granite countertop replicates the rocky peaks, touches of ice blue call to mind the glacier; antique photographs of the Montenvers dot the walls in contemporary style. A stop at the Bar des Glaciers is a must before returning to Chamonix!

Rooms at Terminal Neige Refuge du Montenvers Hotel start $300. Book here.

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