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Luxe Jedi: George Dishaw’s latest upcycled Star Wars Sculptures use vintage Louis Vuitton bags

Through his upcycled Star Wars sculptures, Dishaw aims to create a dialogue about finding creative ways to deal with discarded tech in an environmentally sound way.

Dec 28, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

Best known for his use of recycled metal parts and discarded home electronics  as a medium for Star Wars sculptures, American artist Gabriel Dishaw has turned his attention to Louis Vuitton bags as his next artistic canvas. Gabriel Dishaw discovered his passion for this particular art form in 9th Grade when his teacher posted 30 art project ideas on the chalk board for their term project and the young Dishaw was drawn to the item listed was “Junk Art”.

Beginning with an abstract sculpture titled “Mary on a Donkey”, Dishaw used strips of discarded metal wire and components to create the titular Mary (yes, from the Christmas story) for the local DOW Chemical Holiday Art Show in high school where it took the top honors in the 3D art category, kickstarting his career as an upcycler/sculptor.

The Luxe Jedi: George Dishaw’s latest upcycled Star Wars Sculptures use vintage Louis Vuitton bags

The indianapolis-based sculptor eventually started using other found objects like typewriters, keyboards, airplane parts and other assorted pieces of trash and turning them into upcycled art sculptures. Dishaw harbours a passion for sneakers but his famed series of recycled Star Wars sculptures come from his obsession for the beloved pop culture sci-fantasy legend. Dishaw reinterprets famed characters from the saga – Darth Vader, C3PO and even icons from the new trilogy – Kylo Ren.

George Dishaw has made everything including the Ralph MacQuarie interpretation of ‘Samurai Vader’ featuring the head-turning horned metallic headgear. Dishaw’s latest series of upcycled Star Wars sculptures are created with vintage Louis Vuitton canvas bags. The collection of Dishaw’s signature recycled Star Wars sculptures includes three variations of Darth Vader, a bust of C3PO, a Kylo Ren helm and an AT-AT Imperial Walker.

You can catch the George Dishaw Star Wars sculptures currently at the Indiana State Museum Imax Theatre which so happens to be presenting Star Wars: The Last Jedi. These upcycled sculptures will be sold at a venue to be announced.

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