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Furniture and Lighting Pieces To Covet – Reissues and Updated Models

Reissued, updated objects created by design greats of the past have become collectibles for the bona fide design junkie

Jun 14, 2022 | By Joe Lim

Hey, design aficionados! We know that Salone del Mobile 2022 just ended on 12 June. If you’re eyeing for pieces to covet and collect, look no further. We’ve picked out some furniture and lighting brands that have re-issued must-have objects to add to your beloved collection. Created by design greats of past, some of these items have earned a permanent spot in MoMA, New York! So, with such credentials, they are definitely noteworthy pieces to own.


B-Line "Supercomfort"

B-Line “Supercomfort” chair designed in 1964 by Joe Colombo. Image: B-Line.

Joe Colombo (1930 – 1971) is without a doubt, one of the most famous Italian designers of the 20th Century. His visionary pieces from the ’60s and ’70s are now iconic pieces to own. These pieces remain timeless and relevant for our modern interiors and have become collectible pieces for design die-hards.

Joe Colombo.

Joe Colombo. Image: Oluce.

B-Line was one of the Italian furniture brands that Colombo worked alongside during the early 1960s. The brand has decided to reissue some of Colombo’s iconic pieces from 1963 onwards. With expanded colour palettes and an updated choice of materials, some of the production techniques have also changed to move with the times. The covetable pieces include the “Multichair” (1970), “Supercomfort” armchair (1964), and “Boby” trolley storage unit (1970), amongst others. The Multichair is a convertible system based on the different combinations of two elements, which can also be used singularly.

B-Line Multichair

B-Line “Multichair” was designed by Joe Colombo. Image: B-Line.

The cushions come with an internal steel structure padded by polyurethane foam and stretch fabric upholstery. These can be fastened via leather belts and chromium-plated, satin-finished steel buckles. On the other hand, the Supercomfort chair offers a jointless curved, multi-layered oak frame to hold the plush leather padding — serving as a seat, armrests, and backrest — that comes with it.


Vitra "Fauteuil Kangourou" lounge chair.

Vitra “Fauteuil Kangourou” lounge chair. Image: Vitra.

If you’re a fan of French architect and designer Jean Prouvé’s work (1901 to 1984), then one of his collectible furniture pieces would be the newly reissued “Fauteuil Kangourou” made by Vitra. Prouvé has worked alongside the preeminent architect Le Corbusier where feats of architecture and engineering were involved. The Swiss-based furniture giant has re-issued this chair in limited quantities of 150 pieces globally.

Vitra "Fauteuil Kangourou"

The unique customised Bleu Marcoule upholstery — made from softly woven bouclé fabric. Image: Vitra.

The license to manufacture this chair was granted by the late French designer’s daughter — Catherine Prouvé. Vitra has continued the legacy to faithfully recreate the 1948 design with a new version boasting natural oak structure and metal legs. The unique customised Bleu Marcoule upholstery — made from softly woven bouclé fabric — brings a strong contrast to the chair’s sexy form. The chair carries its weight on its hind legs which makes sitting on one superbly comfortable.


Artemide Tizio desk lamp

Artemide “Tizio” desk lamp in a new lick of red for 2022, designed by Richard Sapper. Image: Artemide.

The “Tizio” desk lamp has become an icon for German industrial designer Richard Sapper (1932 to 2015). Designed in 1972, this fully adjustable lamp offered a small weight that could easily pivot the lamp shade’s angle.

Richard Sapper.

Designer of Tizio desk lamp – Richard Sapper. Image:

The arms conduct a small voltage to power the light source without any visible wires. For 2022, the Tizio has been revitalised in a new lick of colour — red! It’s Sapper’s favourite hue and is commonly found in many of his products designed for other brands. More fittingly, it’s the desk lamp’s 50th anniversary and a worthy, covetable object if you’re a design aficionado. Powered by LED source rather than halogen, this timeless product bodes well in our era of reducing carbon footprint, too.

B&B Italia

B&B Italia Le Bambole

B&B Italia “Le Bambole” sofa with its playful designer Mario Bellini. Image: B&B Italia.

“Le Bambole” sofa system designed by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia celebrates its 50th year of existence in the designer furniture trade. To commemorate this significant moment in B&B Italia’s storied history as a true-blue Italian furniture brand, the new iteration of Bambole will offer a deeper seat while keeping appearance and comfort untouched. This series of seating elements was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1979 and has become a permanent piece at MoMA in New York. The original construction of a metal structure embedded in polyurethane is now made with the latest, most high-tech, sustainable materials.

B&B Italia "Le Bambole"

B&B Italia “Le Bambole” updated for 2022 with new materials and colours. Image: B&B Italia.

In fact, recycled polyurethane is used to shape the geometry of the sofa while retaining comfort and providing breathability. In addition, a new sablé fabric offered in eight colours will ensure it suits many interior styles. The Le Bambole sofa system is set to be a timeless sofa piece designed by the master Italian designer Mario Bellini.

B&B Italia "Le Bambole"

B&B Italia “Le Bambole” in new floral fabrics updated for 2022. Image: B&B Italia.

B&B Italia has also offered a new fabric for this 50th-anniversary edition — a dreamy floral print fabric characterised by large roses. Then, of course, a high-quality leather (Kasia) can be procured if you fancy an extremely soft and naturally marked full-grain skin.


Tacchini Le Mura

Tacchini “Le Mura” by Mario Bellini. Image: Tacchini.

Fans of Mario Bellini can rejoice further! Another collectible piece for design heads is the reissue “Le Mura” sofa manufactured by Tacchini. Similar to the “Le Bambole”, this sculptural sofa was also designed in 1972.

Tacchini "Le Mura"

Tacchini “Le Mura” sofa is fully modular to suit any space. Image: Tacchini.

Tacchini was very determined to manufacture this sofa using present-day techniques and sustainable materials without ever losing its stylistic aesthetics. The brand respected Bellini’s original design by ensuring comfort was key.

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