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Explore 10 Things to do in Myanmar when Onboard Northrop and Johnson’s Yacht

Introducing the very best sights and sceneries to give you a snapshot of travelling experiences you can enjoy and 10 things to do on sailing trip to the southern Mergui region.

Nov 18, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Explore 10 unique things you can do when onboard Northrop and Johnson Yacht charter and enter another interesting and thought-provoking world. Unlock ’new’ and exciting charter destinations in the southern region of the Mergui Archipelago where there are over 900 largely uninhabited islands. Explore the diverse precincts of each of the island; stop at one of the various dining areas to enjoy the best food and beverage experiences, access the fishermen’s huts and small sea gypsy villages as well as the uninhabited, unspoiled and pristine island leading to the green jungle, sandy beaches and sand spits. Discover a remnant of the past, the beautiful landscapes, the spectacular rock formations and the gorgeous underwater reefs.

Here are some of the fascinating destinations in a sample itinerary to give a taste of what you might expect in this beautiful part of the Southeast Asia region:

Day 1 | Welcome to Kawthoung & Explore the Barwell Island (25 nm)

After a warm welcome, your tour guide will take you on an orientation sightseeing starting from Victoria Point, a small border town of Kawthoung, while awaiting clearance. See all the sights and stroll down the fresh food market. Tuck into the local delicacies such as Kawthoung fried chicken and wash down with local Myanmar beer or freshly pressed sugar palm juice, and the hand-rolled cigars, all symbolic to kick-start a great journey. For the more adventurous, cruise to Barwell Island and stay overnight to enjoy a tremendous first anchorage just southwest of the sand spit.

Day 2 | Kayak through the Mangrove River and Sight-See the Pulau Bada Island (25 nm)

Enjoy the fascinating waterfront anchorage between Bada, Caws and Potter Island with white-sand beaches and sand spits. Water lovers can spend the day relaxing in the comfort of Poni Island’s west beach or snorkel underwater to view the coral reefs. At the northern end of Pulau Bada’s west beach is a little mangrove river great for kayaking at high tide, where it leads from the beach to the inland and into the mangroves.

Day 3 | A Place of Wanderlust, Bliss & more Adventures on Great Swinton Island (22 nm)

Make sure you get yourself fully recharged the night before you set on a journey to the Great Swinton – a place of wanderlust, bliss and adventure. Visit them all, from the beautiful beaches to the magnificent scenery and the adrenaline jungle walks. Relish the nature’s best and keep a lookout for local birds and other wildlife and get into the water to snorkel and dive. Make a trip to the charming waterfall nearby with more mangroves.

Day 4  | Lampi Island – Salet Galet (18 nm)

Kayak through the Mangrove River on Lampi’s west coast. The area is mainly uninhabited with occasional fishing villages where the birds, including sea eagles and hornbills and fruit bats thrive. Often macaques are seen on the beaches foraging for food. Continue to Pu Nala where the small village is, and there is a Buddhist temple.

Day 5 | Clara Island’s Shell Beach, Coves & Clear Blue Inlets (12nm)

Clara is said to be one of the prettiest islands in the area – shell beach, coves and inlets with exceptional clear waters, great for snorkelling. Take a dip at the Waterfall Bay with calm and crystal-clear water, located towards the northwest side of the island and soak up the sun on the white sandy beach.

Day 6 | Great Swinton Island (24nm)

The Northern Bay of Great Swinton is said to be a great place for more snorkelling, swimming and kayaking. You may want to head to dive the ‘Shark Cave’ and swim through the cave, which is home to several (harmless) reef sharks. Come sundown; your crew will prepare a bonfire and take your time at leisure to relish in a wonderful evening with barbecue on the beach.

Day 7 | Beautiful Scenery in Loughborough Island & Easy Hiking Spots in South Twin (27nm)

After a restful night’s sleep, embark on a journey and visit a small village populated by Moken and fishermen and a small local school where they welcome visitors. Navigate the creek on the east side of the island by kayak and delight in the beautiful scenery along the river stream. The rugged South Twin island has a small beach and a bay where a yacht or two can anchor. This island has easy spots, perfect for trekking for beginners, to climb to the top of the island, then head down for a dip in the water where there are deep, large rock structures forming gullies, long swim passages and overhangs. In the shallows, you’ll find fine table corals and other marine life hiding amongst the boulders, keep a look out for the colourful, but hard to spot, ribbon eels.

Day 8 | From an Adventurous Day to a Relaxing Close at Macleod Island (46 nm)

Head to Horseburgh Island for a swim and snorkel on the way to Macleod on a leisure time possible. View the uniquely man-made Myanmar Andaman Eco Resort, offering a ‘civilised’ spot for delicious cocktails (in USD) and traditional massage. Trek from the jungle through to the peak, offering spectacular views at the top.

Day 9 | Visit the Many Small Beaches on Davis Island (35 nm)

There are many small beaches to explore on this large and highly-scattered cluster of the Aladdin Group of Islands. Densely wooded with two main peaks of about 450 m high, it offers an intimate journey for adventure seekers. But that does not stop there, just off the eastern shore of Davis Island, is a 5.5 m high rock surrounded by a reef, making it a wonderful place for snorkelling.

Day 10 | Swim-Through Lagoon on Horseshoe island – Lighthouse Island (30nm)

Cock’s Combe Island is part of the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea, which has an interesting swim-through into a lagoon and is accessible during low tide only. Embark on a sea adventure, snorkel around Horseshoe Island before you head for a lovely lunch on the beach. Return to Kawthoung in the afternoon.


Make every moment beautiful when onboard Northrop and Johnson’s Yacht and explore the top 10 things you can do in the ‘new’ and exciting destinations at the Mergui Archipelago in the Andaman Sea in Myanmar.


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