Clipper Around the World Race 2017 begins in Liverpool, UK

Taking place on 20th August 2017, no previous experience is necessary for a race that will provide anyone with the opportunity for a life-changing experience.

Aug 09, 2017 | By Guy Nowell

Clipper Around the World Race 2015-16 making a splash in London

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston conceived the idea of a circumnavigating yacht race “for anyone” back in 1996. Sign here, we’ll provide the boats, the training, the gear and the race management, and off you go. Eleven editions, three generations of boats, and over 4,000 crew members later, and the next Clipper Around the World Race begins another 40,000 nautical miles circumnavigation from Liverpool, UK.

“The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race is the only event of its type. Anyone, even if they have never stepped on a boat before, can join the adventure,” says Knox-Johnston. “When I started the Clipper Race, I wanted to provide anyone, absolutely anyone, with the opportunity to have a life-changing experience.”

Qingdao has been an enthusiastic Clipper supporter since 2005

You’ll not see the Clipper Race in Hong Kong as it makes its next lap of the planet. It has visited Hong Kong in the past though, and Indonesia, and in 2000 the San Fernando Race was a “leg” of the circumnavigation. Qingdao, in China, is an enthusiastic supporter of the event, and has sponsored a boat to carry its name in every race since 2005. This year China is further represented by Sanya Serenity Coast, and the race will stop over in both Sanya and Qingdao before making the long haul across the Pacific to North America.

For more information, visit Clipper Around the World

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