YACHT STYLE #41: Cruising Off To A Great Start In 2018!

The People and Awards issue has been released last month after a very eventful start of 2018.

Feb 14, 2018 | By Yacht Style

This issue celebrates the Christofle Yacht Style Awards short listed and winners of a widely acclaimed event by the regional and international yachting industry. In the selection process, strong emphasis has been placed on innovation – well embodied by Christofle, associated to the yachting scene in Asia since 2005 – and on the owners, yachting’s very lifeblood.

Similarly, the inaugural Phuket RendezVous 2018 hosted on January 4 to 7 at Royal Phuket Marina attracted a discerning audience of boat owners and potential buyers, property investors and lifestyle people interested in novelties. This approach seems to be working too, with up to 8 yachts sold on site as well as upscale luxury properties.

It is the time of the year as well when people are celebrated with the “Who’s Who of Yachting in Asia”, a “Top 100 list” that salutes those who shape the yachting scene in the region and help give the industry a “personal face”. This year, emphasis has been given to the dealer and broker faces who are particularly active in Asian emerging markets. Overall, with close to 20 per cent new entries, it shows how the industry is vibrant and reinventing itself.

In our News section, we take an in-depth look at what the recent Chinese investment in superyacht builder SilverYachts of Western Australia means, and present a fascinating exclusive commentary by Hong Kong-based Commercial Director Jona Kan.

Our Destination section focuses first on French-run New Caledonia, just off the Queensland Coast. In a linked piece, we look at the arrival of superyacht Masteka 2 (pictured above) in New Caledonia this May, a perfect craft for a small group or family to try out this fabulous yachting lifestyle.

Also, we discover the epitome of “Luxury Living” with the Thanda group as we travel from their exquisite safari property in South Africa to their island in Tanzania which surroundings can be cruised onboard a vintage classic yacht.

On the regatta front, an insightful review is proposed of what happened in the region from November until January, including the Rolex Sydney-Hobart which saw a relaxed Karl Kwok in his Botin 80 Beau Geste and the Volvo fleet arriving in Hong Kong in late January before Guangzhou in February.

Our Yacht Reviews start with in-depth look at Lürssen’s superb Areti shown at Monaco Yacht Show late last year. Similarly, Heesen’s Home, which adds to the discussion about the “green” claims of aluminum boats is another worthy read. Both superyachts are exclusively published in Asia for the first time.

We continue with Italy’s fast-rising Monte Carlo Yachts as we had the privilege to witness the award-winning MCY 96 on cover, unveiled in Venice and sea trialed the day after.

Ferretti Yachts 850: Another Italian seductive beauty

Another Italian seductive beauty, with its strikingly clean and dynamic profile, is Ferretti Yachts 850 we had the pleasure to review in Hong Kong end of 2017.

Also reviewed are the latest model offerings available in Asia and with promising success including the reimagined Azimut 60 Fly, the spaciously designed Lagoon Seventy 8, finely executed Princess 62 and Aquila 36. These crafts were all recipients of the Christofle Yacht Style Awards and most interestingly the last two models Asian premiered at the Phuket RendezVous 2018 were sold during the show!

The Phuket RendezVous will be back in 2019 from January 4 to 7 inclusive. Before this, next port of call: the Penang RendezVous from May 10 to 13 May 2018 in the beautiful Straits Quay marina.

As the season continues, Charter will be the main focus of YACHT STYLE issue to be released in early April 2018 with a strong Superyachts and Toys content.

Save the dates and continue to enjoy reading YACHT STYLE in print or digital on Magzter, or follow us on Instagram (! For more information on Penang Rendezvous, please visit [email protected].

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