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Tanner Van De Veer Attempts To Revive The Harley-Davidson

Tanner Van De Veer publishes a University-grade thesis, in an attempt to save Harley-Davidson from agonizing loss.

Sep 30, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Shrouded in dark figures, the iconic American motorcycle brand, Harley-Davidson have been on a rapid downward spiral since 2007. Selling a mere 218,273 units worldwide in 2019, the company reported a 4.3% drop in sales when compared the 228,051 units sold, the year before.

Tanner Van De Veer Attempts To Revive The Harley-Davidson

On a mission to bring Harley-Davidson to a whole new generation of riders, design studio, Tanner Van De Veer has published a University-grade thesis, identifying Harley-Davidson’s most pressing issues. Mapping-out the necessary changes and steps in full detail, Tanner Van De Veer highlights the company’s failure to attract younger buyers and passivity when scouting dealers.

Going further, the thesis unveils the renderings of a revival motorcycle. Positioned as an entry-level electric bike with a low starting price and light, accessible dimensions, the studio expresses a need for a small-to-mid-weight electric motorcycle targeted at balancing sport and relaxation. Such a bike, thus aims to redirect the Harley-Davidson product, from an exclusive social club to a diversified lifestyle essential.


Crafted based on the signature Harley-Davidson design language in an effort to maintain brand identity, Tanner Van De Veer suggests establishing a hot swap battery subscription platform to reduce capital for each individual purchase, and sustainable elements such as an electric powertrain – which is not only quiet and environmentally friendly, but provides a less intimidating learning experience, thanks to the consequential elimination of the bike’s clutch and excessive gears.

Drawing inspiration from some of Harley-Davidson’s earliest creations including, the boarder-tracker, the all-new revival motorcycle is expected to feature an abundance of transparencies, creating an illusion of mass whilst a combination of lights and brutal shapes modernize its form. Regarded equal part vintage and punk, the revival Harley-Davidson showcases a distinctive open-air tank, a paneled power unit, Carhatt duck canvas seating, and a stripped down UI system, which allows riders to disengage from technology and truly enjoy every moment of the great outdoors.

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