Intensa Emozione: The flagship hyper-car Apollo IE

Apollo Automobil is happy to announce that the Apollo IE, its flagship hyper-car, is ready to meet the world

Oct 30, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Torino-based automobil and designer the flagship hyper-car Apollo IE has officially unleashed its new supercar recently at an exclusive launch event that took place in Italy. It’s been quite a long and anxious wait especially for the Apollo team, and finally, the supercar is ready to meet the world!

Built to be all aerodynamically efficient, lightweight with a full carbon fiber material, the luxury car imbued all the modern, intensively striking design language that are most synonymous with the brand’s philosophy.

Inspired by the words “Intense Emotion” best known as “Intensa Emozione” in Italian, are symbolic of the desire, drive and inspiration that the Italy-based car maker, Apollo, had in mind and set out to achieve.

As engineering and design precision are at the heart of Torino’s automotive culture, the flagship hyper-car Apollo IE seeks to balance form and function. Thus a new breed of hyper-car is born.

The surface body of the Apollo IE incorporates the front and rear sub frames as well as the monocoque that contributes to a total weight of 105 kg. With the aerodynamic efficient shape, the chassis can display maximum torsional rigidity, safety and has the ability to handle high downforce splitter with lower Jabroc skid plates made of wood material.

What makes the Apollo IE recognisable even from a distant away is its stylish front bumper that has a masculine shark-like nose with distinctive side aero fins and large angled wing mounts as well as the three-pronged exhausts.

With a mechanical grip of a modern GT1/GT3/LMP race car, powered by a 6.3 litre V12 engine, and the new Brembro carbon ceramic (CCM) brake system with a 380×34 mm and a 6-piston caliper in the front and 380×34 mm, 4-piston caliper at the rear, the IE is sculpted to extract maximum performance with optimised functionality.

The bespoke touch of the supercar is further defined by the beautifully craft seat pads in red, the  steering wheel covered in carbon fiber and the handles are upholstered in either leather or alcantar. The ambient LED light located between the seat pads will create a more unique atmosphere at the cabin compartment.

Moreover, the supercar has three engine modes as indicated on “Engine Map page” on main Display: Wet, Sport, Track. Drivers can choose from the dynamic functions to determine the speed behaviour while traversing from less intrusive grounds and high friction roads to road surfaces suitable for sports driving.

Only ten units of the Apollo IE will be produced to retain exclusivity. For those who order the Apollo IE will be granted exclusive access to the Time Attack programme, that will be run by Apollo on the most relevant European racing circuits.

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