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Guide: 5 Ways to Price Private Jet Hires

It may surprise you to learn that private jet hires can actually be a cost effective option, especially when you’re not flying solo.

May 19, 2016 | By Staff Writer

It may surprise you to learn that private jet hires can actually be a cost effective option, especially when you’re not flying solo. When chartering a private jet, you are in fact hiring the entire plane, so it does not matter how many people travel; the size of the plane and the distance of intended travel will ultimately determine the price paid. In the greater spectrum of things, should you be travelling in a group, be it for business or pleasure and you generally only fly first class, when the accumulated cost for this is considered (first class seats for a group of nine), vs private jet charter costs, that’s when you start to see how chartering a private jet might make for a viable option, financially speaking.

The price you pay for private jet charters can vary widely, with several factors determining the cost of this mode of travel. We are going to take a look at five of them so you can get an idea about what you need to consider, should you wish to travel by private jet in the hopefully not too distant future. This list should provide you with a better understanding of the relative advantages of private jet hires.


One of the primary factors that contributes substantially to the cost of a private jet charter will be down to the size and type of the private jet needed. With many categories of private jet on offer i.e. turbo props, light weight jets, midsized and luxury executive airliners, the decision is yours. The larger your travel party and ultimately the larger the size of your jet requirement, the more you can expect to pay for this premium mode of travel. You might find that if you’re only travelling with a few people i.e. three, and you’re travelling a short distance with very little baggage, that you could get away with not having to pay half as much as what you would initially have thought.

Age and Type of Aircraft

Newer and more luxurious aircraft are often more expensive to charter. Although all aircraft have to be well maintained, the care and maintenance of the aircraft will always be a factor in determining the price you pay to charter a private jet.

Length and Duration of Trip

If your trip is international then you are obviously going to pay more; not least because you will need to charter a jet that is capable of making international flights. Even for domestic travel the length of the trip is an important factor in determining the cost of the charter; both the distance travelled and the number of hours the journey takes can be taken into account.

Special Value-Added Services

If you are chartering a private jet you may want to have concierge services include. This means that you can have in-flight catering as well as help with getting to and from the jet and assistance with securing accommodation, if you need it. Certain private jet charter companies have concierge services which basically takes all of the hassle out of your hands, making your trip as stress free as possible. However, these special value-added services may potentially come at an additional cost.

Additional Costs

There are several additional costs associated with running a jet, including the cost of fuel and landing fees. All of these costs are taken into account when the charter company determines the price that it is going to charge for its services.

Hopefully this gives you some idea of how charter costs are worked out. It may seem like it costs a lot of money to charter a private jet, but it is clear to see that there are many factors which need to be taken into account along with the expenses that the charter company needs to cover to ensure that your experience is as seamless as possible.

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