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The Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch is Head By Women

Run by generations of independent women, the Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch Wine Estate of Mosel, Germany prides itself in maintaining quality terroir and sustainable practices to produce exemplary crop.

Mar 11, 2020 | By Julia Roxan

Built on the backs of strong, independent women, the Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch of Mosel, Germany, dates as far back as 1636. Taking the reins as a young widow with three small children, following the death of her husband and founder, Dr. Hugo Thanisch in 1895 – Katharina Thanisch has since ensured the continuation of her family’s legacy for 11 generations.

The Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch is Head By Women

Spanning across 9 hectares, the estate prides itself in quality terroir and sustainability. Through the careful use of natural resources, the Thanisch family is punctilious in managing the soil and Riesling products used in every vineyard.

In addition to their diligent compliance with the integrated, environmentally friendly viticulture, the family also monitors how climate change, airflow, reflections from the river, slate soil and even the rooves combine to create the perfect concentration and layered complexity, prevalent in every bottle.

“The wines from the Mosel are famous because of their unique balance of sweetness and acidity. Almost no other region is producing such elegant and fine wines; the slate soil of the Mosel Terroir emphasizes the minerality and shows the typical fruity character of our wines.” – Christina Thanisch, Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch.

Utilizing only the finest home-grown, and hand-picked grapes, the Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch vineyards are structured with optimal width between rows and a selective canopy management system, thus providing the sufficient light and air necessary to produce exemplary crop.

“Since the middle of the 19th century the most famous wine producers of the Mosel – as our Thanisch Estate – take part at wine auctions to offer their very best wines. Often the Thanisch Estate reached the highest prices. Still today the auctions are visited by wine merchants and collectors from around the world trying to get some of the very prestigious bottles.” – Christina Thanisch, Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch.

Relying on spontaneous, natural yeasts, to increase “mouthfeel” and aging potential – all harvests are gently pressed and grown in-house at the estate’s low temperature and high humidity cellar. Aged in classic casks for a minimum of 40 years, the Weingut Wwe. Dr. H. Thanisch estate works tirelessly to eliminate notes of wood, and emphasize soft, harmonious layering, before cork-sealing each finished product.

With a lower alcohol yield, estate heiress, Christina Thanisch recommends the Classic Mosel Riesling’s refined sweetness and mineral elegance to compliment a well-balanced formal dinner – whilst noting that a glass of 2016 THANISCH Riesling Kabinett would make a refreshingly thirst-quenching potation in the summer.

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