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Top 10 most extreme holiday adventures of 2014

Here’s a selection of Cheapflights’ adventure travel idea hotspots for 2014.

Apr 03, 2014 | By null


Adrenaline junkies looking for their next travel adventure may want to consider consulting a new list of extreme destinations for 2014 that includes bungee jumping into the belly of an active volcano in Chile and touring a war zone.

The adventure travel ideas proposed by Cheapflights aren’t for the faint-hearted. But they may set many a thrillseeker’s heart aflutter with trips that span Fiji, Mexico, Africa, Oman and Bolivia.

Swim with the sharks in Fiji


Dive with the sharks in Fiji

On Beqa Island, divers plunge into the ocean and get to see sharks up close and personal — that is, without the protection of a cage.

Divers can expect to meet largely harmless species like the Tawny Nurse Shark and Blacktip Reef Shark. But here’s where the dive description may lose a few people: “The Bull Sharks and the Tiger Sharks however are clearly a class in their own. They are Apex Predators who grow to an impressive size and have a notorious reputation for attacking humans.”

Volcano bungee jumping in Chile

Helicopter Volcano Bungee Jump

This stunt involves jumping into the mouth of an active volcano from a helicopter, within 700 feet (213 meters) of molten lava, after which you stay suspended upside down traveling 130 km above the simmering crater.

Cycling the Death Road in La Paz, Bolivia

Death Road in La Paz Bolivia

It’s been dubbed the world’s most dangerous road: a treacherous downhill stretch of 64 km that starts on snow-covered plains and descends to the Amazonian jungle. It also includes a 3.6-km drop down a sheer cliff face.

Base jumping in Mexico

Base jumping in Mexico

The Cave of Swallows is deep enough to house a high-rise building and has inspired kamikaze adrenaline junkies to jump into the belly of the earth with a parachute.

Tour a war zone

Tourism in Afghanistan

This one’s for anyone who’s ever dreamed of being a hard-hitting war correspondent or photojournalist from the trenches.

War Zone Tours offers guided tours in areas of conflict and past war zones like Iraq, Beirut and Africa led by ‘High Risk Environment Guides.’

Sandboarding in Oman

sandboarding desert

Desert sand dunes in Oman can run as high 100 meters. Instead of snow, travelers hit the desert slopes with their boards, toboggans or quad bikes.

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