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Room Series by Mathew Borrett

Canadian artist sketches imaginary landscapes

Apr 02, 2014 | By Staff Writer

Canadian artist Mathew Borrett has created a series of drawings influenced by complex architecture titled Room Series. Using a 005 pigma micron pen, he painstakingly sketches intricate drawings of labyrinth-like buildings. The structure he creates includes interconnected rooms and small spaces. Like an optical illusion, his imagined structure includes depth and varying dimension, giving the viewers’ eyes varying perspective to observe. His spectacular work often explores imaginary landscapes that lend themselves to fantasy and sci-fi.

Mathew Borrett was born in 1972 and grew up in rural Ontario. He’s a graduate of the Illustration program at O.C.A.D., Toronto.His illustrations have been featured and made available on Fine Art America. Since 2003, Barratt has continued to imagine and build fantastical spaces and architecture in his drawings. 



Room 7

Room 6

Room 5

Room 4

Room 3

Room 1

Room 2


Learn more about Mathew Borrett and check out more of his work here !


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