Private yacht charter, corporate events and unique wedding experiences in Singapore, on board the Royal Albatross

From a simple girl that first set sail in Charleston to a luxurious tallship that has conquered Hollywood, it’s a long way from home for the former Windy II

Mar 21, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

With a regal name such as the Royal Albatross, it is no wonder that the Tall Ship, which is named after one of the 22 species of birds that make up the Albatross family, evokes such awe and excitement where ever she goes. The term unique would be one way to describe the ship that has even had a place in a Hollywood movie but we prefer to call her a sight to behold. Boasting 22 sails, the Tall Ship is an unmistakable presence on the open seas. Before it came under the Albatross family, however, the Tall Ship was actually known as Windy II that was used for day trips or longer cruises on Lake Michigan. In her time as Windy II, she competed in Tall Ship races — who said she was just a pretty face?

Having been built in 2001, her original owner retired her seven seasons later when Tall Ship Adventures took it as an opportunity to acquire her. 360,000 man hours and six years of redesigning and refitting later, and she emerged as what we know now as the Royal Albatross. With the needs of their intended clientele in mind, the new owners started from the ground up by hiring only the best in the field to strip the Windy II down to her steel hull before creating the luxurious interior we see today.

The deck of the Royal Albatross

Today we enjoy the opulence of an era that is long gone, over the three decks, which marry modern amenities, making this the perfect location to host events for approximately 150 guests. Out on the natural cork handmade decks, you can now enjoy it latest offering known as the Sunset Sails. Departing from Resorts World Sentosa, the two-and-a-half hour cruise is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia that allows you to gaze upon the Singapore skyline while enjoying a meal on the Tall Ship.

Alternatively, the Royal Albatross is also available for corporate events where the Great Salon serves as a multi-purpose function room equipped with plush seating, lighting and audio visual systems, perfect for presentations. Lovebirds looking for an unforgettable wedding day can also hire the tallship for a day thanks to their various packages.

Tickets for the Sunset Sail dinners can be purchased through the Royal Albatross and are priced at $195 for adults and $145 for children.

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