Private islands around Singapore: 5 quick luxurious holiday destinations

We run down our picks for private islands around Singapore that offer privacy and some much needed respite at premium resorts for those who crave a quick holiday

Jan 19, 2017 | By Staff Writer


Solitude, comfort and breathtaking sceneries, are just some of the reasons to rent properties on private islands. The offering are vast and gives couples, families and friends the chance to spend a few days, disconnected from their busy lives to enjoy the simple life.

For those living in Singapore, there are plenty of options available nearby that offering stunning villas along some of the most romantic, unspoiled beaches. Luxuo finds five of the most beautiful private island resorts and villas around.

1. Batu Batu

Batu Batu is an all-villa resort set amongst coconut groves on the uninhabited island of Pulau Tengahis, part of the Seribuat Archipelago off the east coast of Malaysia. Welcoming couples and families in a paradisiac environment, Batu Batu is a great option for those who are looking for both calm and entertainment. The resort includes a restaurant, a bar and a spa, offering a relaxing experience to guests.

For more info and bookings, visit Batubatu Resort website.

 2. Telunas Resorts

Located in the Riau Islands in Indonesia, Telunas Resorts offers two different options for your stay. Choose between a traditional beach resort, abounding of activities and facilities to satisfy the entire family or a quieter, couple-oriented “private island” experience. The second option includes an extensive list of services such as a fine dining menu and personalized massage treatments, among others.

For more information and bookings, visit Telunas Private Island page

3. Cempedak Islands

More of a retreat than a resort, Cempedak’s philosophy is focused on both preserving the abundant greenery and offering luxurious experiences to guests and their families. Opening in March 2017, the sustainably built bamboo villas and restaurant are located on a small island, accessible just a couple of hours from Singapore.

For more info, visit Cempedak website

 4. Song Saa

Settled in the Cambodian Koh Rong Archipelago, the Song Saa resort spans over three smalls islands. Luxurious facilities include villas, a restaurant and  “sanctuaries” in the rainforest and along the shore. These sanctuaries are dedicated to inner peace and offer spa services that combine traditional Khmer techniques with Ayurvedic principles. Mostly known to host honeymoons, Song Saa offers tailored packages for couples who wish to spend their honeymoon in a perfect, relaxed environment.

for more information and booking, visit

5.  Pulau Pangkil

Last not but not least, Pulau Pangkil is the most exclusive option on this list, that allows guests to rent the entire island. A stay on this little piece of heaven will allow you to enjoy the villa, a pool, a bar and best of all kayaking, all while being served by a dedicated staff of 20. The all-inclusive package starts from SGD$3,220 and begins with a journey from Singapore that is less than three hours.

For more information and booking, visit

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