Japanese artwork in Singapore: Yukiharu Furuno holds solo exhibition at That Spare Room

For 10 days in March, That Spare Room in River Valley will be hosting Yukiharu Furuno’s first solo exhibition in Singapore.

Jan 19, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

Marking a milestone in his career as a ceramic artist, Yukiharu Furuno will feature at least 20 artworks in his solo exhibition. Titled “Inspirations from the Blue”, the exhibition will commemorate the 50 years that he has spent crafting ceramic works. Running from March 4 to 14, the exhibition will also be the first time that the artist has exhibited his art in Singapore. To be located at The Spare Room, within close proximity to the Japanese community in Singapore, it will be a chance for fans of Furuno’s to purchase his handiwork.

Through the exhibition, which is an extension of his award-winning Royal Blue series, visitors will be able to learn more about his inspiration and how the pieces were crafted. Furuno will use the exhibition to introduce several new pieces that reflect the various cultures and designs in Singapore. However, we have yet to get a sneak peek at the Singapore-inspired works, to provide you an in-depth description of what is in store.

The materials used in making the glazes for his work, Furuno uses Japanese plant materials that can be found in Hanna in the Osaka prefecture. This allows the artist to bring viewers on a journey deep within the forests and oceans he conjures up with his art. One interesting element that visitors will be able to witness, is the transition of Fururno’s work from featuring yellow ash-glazed ceramics to a distinct new style. While the former had been a signature of his for 35 years, the artist made the switch in 2003 upon the passing of his wife. Along with an exhibition, visitors will be able to meet the artist himself at selected timings and interact with him through tours and sharing sessions.

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