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Would you pay more for a child-free flight?

A recent UK survey shows that a third of Britons would pay a higher price for a ticket on a child-free flight.

Aug 04, 2012 | By AFPRelaxnews

children kicking back of seat

One of the most common frustrations among travelers on long- or short-haul flights appears to be badly behaved children.

A survey carried out among 2,200 travelers by website TripAdvisor, shows that 37 percent of Britons would pay more to guarantee a peaceful flight without children.

Around 34 percent said that children shouldn’t be allowed to fly in first-class cabins, while a fifth of flyers expressed that children kicking the back of their seat was a particular annoyance.

The presence of badly behaved children is a common complaint among passengers around the world.

Malaysia Airlines has banned children from the upper decks of its A380 planes flying between London and Kuala Lumpur and between Sydney and KL. The airline has also confirmed that babies are not longer accepted in its business class cabins.

AirAsia X, a long-haul carrier based in Malaysia, announced its intention to become the second airline to ban children from certain sections of the plane last month.

The new measure will come into effect in February 2013 and will create a “quiet zone” in the first eight rows of the economy section of its A380 aeroplanes.

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