Montblanc Suite 4810 Paris Takes The Spotlight On Champs-Élysées

The new concept store merges retail and hospitality where guests can be transported into the world of Montblanc.

Oct 18, 2022 | By Joseph Low
Storefront of the revamped Montblanc boutique.

Montblanc reopens its flagship boutique at 152 Avenue des Champs-Élysées after extensive renovation and expansion works. This is to accommodate a new concept aimed at merging retail and hospitality. Called “Montblanc Suite 4810 Paris”, the space calls to mind what a luxurious hotel lobby would be but with the brand’s signature touches. 

The Montblanc experience begins even before guests enter the boutique. The Grand Entrance features a magnificent grille that is designed to look like iconic Montblanc nip and a mosaic on the floor forming the name “Montblanc Suite 4810 Paris”. Another significant reference to the brand is the number 4810, which represents the height of Europe’s famous snow-capped mountain when the brand was founded over 115 years ago.

The Grand Entrance.

Inside the concept store, there are about five areas that guests can explore. The first touchpoint is the lobby, where a host will be on standby and be ready to customise the individual’s experience according to preferences and interests. Black lacquered walls surround the lobby and are a nod to Montblanc’s deep black resin of its writing instrument. Riding on the same theme of the Meisterstück pens, there is also an Ink Bar just across the counter where guests can freely try out the Montblanc nib selection and inks.

The concierge area and Watch Bar.

The concierge area is where Montblanc conceives its creative ideas and guests are welcome to learn more about what makes the soul and the whole universe of the brand across the different product categories and new capsule launches. “At a small desk, an expert “concierge” is on hand to personalise accessories, paint on leather or even advise on writing techniques and calligraphy,” the brand further shares. And just alongside the concierge is the Salon Horlogerie or the Watch Bar, where Montblanc’s timepieces are displayed and guests can also try on. 

The concierge area.

The leather goods section of the store is located in the back and is modern and lively. The leather pieces are spotlighted in a unique presentation that includes a counter made of beautiful Travertino marble in a chic and friendly setting. Customers can unwind and admire the exquisite craftsmanship of Montblanc’s leather in the seating area, while a mobility section is designated for testing out travel trolleys.

The leather goods showcase area.

Up the elevator from the foyer is the highlight of the boutique, which is the salon of Montblanc Suite 4810. This is where special guests can get a closer look at the exceptional pieces from the brand. For example, rare and highly artistic writing instruments are kept in little chests that are mounted on the walls of the Treasure Room’s bank vault. With one-of-a-kind items from the archive room at Montblanc Haus in Hamburg, guests can experience the brand’s rich history spanning more than a century in this quaint environment.

The salon of Montblanc Suite 4810.

Speaking more about the reopened boutique store, Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO, said “Montblanc is enriching its omnichannel offering that perfectly complements our overall retail experience. We are taking luxury customers to the heart of our Brand universe, bringing our stories and products even closer to them in a personalised way. At the intersection of hospitality and retail, Montblanc Suite 4810 Paris has the multi-functional characteristics of a luxury boutique hotel full of unexpected elements to surprise and delight our guests, inspiring them to keep ‘coming home’ to a warm and welcoming destination.”

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