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Is Sirin Labs the Future of Luxury Mobile Phones?

A new start-up plans to release a luxury mobile phone that contains the ‘tech of tomorrow’ for you to use today.

May 16, 2016 | By Staff Writer

High luxury phones have got to be a tough sell. While you can gaze in awe at an over-the-top Vertu phone, such the $310,000 Signature Cobra made back in 2006, and perhaps appreciate it as an art object, technology moves so fast that its analog dial-pad has already become hopelessly outdated. The Israeli startup Sirin Labs aims to bring something different to the table. With $72 million in funding backing it up, they aim to go in the direction of providing the most cutting edge ‘tomorrow’s technology’, right here, right now. This $15,000 mystery phone, dubbed ‘Solarin’, plans to launch in May so we’re getting anxious over here (Ed’s note – We wrote in to Sirin Labs for an update but the company has yet to respond, with either comments or any pictures).

So the obvious question is – what exactly is it? The construction seems to revolve around getting the best engineers and research teams together at Sirin Labs’ little facility in Tel Aviv. What seems to be a focus though is on Internet security, anti-virus software, and cyber-defence. Definitely, with the whole Panama papers deal, as well as countless other cyber-attacks on entertainment corporations and celebrity emails, that’s a key area to look into with plenty of market potential. Furthermore, in conjunction with the release of the phone, Sirin Labs will also be launching its first flagship store over in London.

Beyond that, at $15,000 you can bet that it isn’t going to look like any old run-of-mill iPhone. Their selling point is “quality, technology, and privacy”. To our not so tech-savvy minds, that calls up visions of cyberpunk fittings and holographic interfaces. Well, since they’re going to keep it a secret for now, we can let our imagination run wild can’t we?

Things in the world are certainly getting more uncertain every day, and as Edward Snowden’s leaks demonstrate, you never really know who’s watching. Perhaps for those who want a little certainty in this big mess, the couple thousands spent on the ‘Solarin’ will be a worthy investment, at least, psychologically.

You can check out Sirin Labs website over here.

Image courtesy of Sergey Nivens/

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