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Water filtration goes smart with the Cove

How much are you willing to pay for extra-clean, designer water?

May 03, 2015 | By AFPRelaxnews


A new water filter named Cove claims superior water purification, but its defining feature is its smart design: it syncs with other devices so you receive notifications when it’s time for a refill or a filter change.

All of that is accomplished via sensors that communicate with an app; sesnors are also the basis of the touch control system, which allows you to dispense water with a swiping motion and end with a tap.

Cove purifies water through a two-stage filter that pairs a “hit squad” of filtering materials — silver impregnated carbon, activated alumina, ion exchange and mineral stones — with laser-etched membranes to absorb impurities without eliminating beneficial mineral content.

Currently available for pre-order for $249, Cove is expected to start shipping late this year.

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