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7 of the World’s Most Expensive Home Security Systems

Find out how the top 1 per cent of the world protect themselves from natural and man-made disasters. Discover intelligent pieces of technology that are near-futuristic.

Jan 11, 2022 | By LUXUO
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Security for the average homeowner usually starts and stops with their DIY home security system. They typically have to worry about how many bucks they would spend monthly to have their home professionally monitored or how much they can save if they monitor their property themselves. 

Luxury homes need the best security systems that provide beyond the average household’s needs. Advanced security systems can save you a lot of potential risks and reduce intruders that can take very valuable assets known only by the elite of society. For this reason, many security companies have designed the most expensive security systems to cater to the unique needs of homeowners looking to spend millions of dollars on their homes.

This luxury home security system comprises smart home technology, state-of-the-art setups, and installations guaranteed to keep homeowners safe regardless of the type of security threat or emergency. Unlike regular security setups that you can pre-order on most e-commerce stores that allow you access to their mobile app and, in some cases, a key fob, here, you have sizable security investments like a safe room that ensures the safety of the homeowner, family, and valuables like Home Entertainment Systems.

Here are the World’s most expensive home security systems

  1. Luxury bunkers
  2. Bullet resistant doors
  3. Safe core
  4. Biometric keypad access
  5. Heliports
  6. Anti paparazzi measures
  7. High-end security cameras

Continue reading to find out why the top 1 per cent pay for the best security, why a self-installed security system for the home does not cut it, how they defend against break-ins and how they ensure home safety.

No list of expensive security systems is complete without mentioning luxury bunkers. They are by far the most expensive on the list and for a good reason. Bunkers are like safe rooms but on steroids and banish the thoughts you might have of a largely empty, raunchy space as millionaires and billionaires with bunkers put the luxury everywhere the eyes can see.

Luxury bunkers

Bunkers like these are not just any security system. They ensure the owners get the same quality of life they are used to as they come fitted with spas, amphitheatres, restaurants, and super comfy living quarters with the added benefit of being protected from fires, toxic chemical exposure, and natural disasters.

One crucial security tip is to lock all your doors and windows, but when your house is the home to priceless artifacts and collectables, closing your doors is not enough to keep would-be criminals out. In order to ensure themselves and their valuables are safe, the top 1 per cent invest in bullet-resistant doors that could set them back US$400,000 on average. These are some of the more expensive security systems on this list, and that is because they guarantee maximum effectiveness.

Bullet resistant doors

Bulletproof or ballistic doors are composed of top-tier ballistic resistant composites like rolled steel or veneered wood. And they usually come fitted with fail-safes that keep the doors shut when intruders try to pry them open. The difficulty in opening these doors buys the homeowners just the time they need to move around the house and secure themselves in their safe room.

Soft core

The safe core technology is an advancement on the existing panic room technology. The major difference is that a safe core enables the homeowner to proof the entire structure against an attack or natural disaster, while the panic room is just that, a room. The sheer magnitude of the engineering advancement in this piece of luxury home security reflects in the price tag as it costs nearly US$200,000. But you begin to see why it costs that much when you consider the all-round protection it affords since all the walls, including the floor, would be made from ballistic-resistant material and that it can house a household for seven days.

Access control door readers

These are not top of any list of expensive high-tech security systems, but they are very effective and crucial to any web of home security devices. They ensure that only people with the necessary credentials can access your home. There are many options to choose from, each with pros and cons. Find out more below:

  • Keypad readers: This requires the users to enter a PIN or password to access the premises.
  • RFID door readers: radio frequency identification technology is the more common technology when key fobs or key cards are used. It sends information tags that signal nearby readers and allow access to the building.
  • Swipe card readers: These are common with badges that feature a magnetic strip holding individual data. Swiping the card allows the reader to access the user data and then allows or denies the holder access.
  • Biometric door readers: These are the more secure of the bunch as it reads unique individual data like facial, iris, or fingerprint recognition. This affords the homeowner an added layer of security.


Image: Kotaro Ikawa/Unsplash

Asides from the aesthetic value of having a heliport on the house, they serve as an emergency escape. Homeowners can easily beat the chaos on the road by escaping to their helicopters and being carted away from the disaster area. Having a helicopter gives homeowners a sizable chance of escaping any disaster, natural or man-made. Also, these heliports are hooked up to the water system and allow firefighters to connect their helicopter hoses to fight raging fires easily.

Anti paparazzi measures

One thing the wealthy can not get enough of is privacy. With people scampering everywhere to take pictures and shoot videos, it can be very discomforting when they still do not get the much-wanted privacy in their own home. For this reason, some companies designed some high-end security systems that feature new technologies that make it nearly impossible for paparazzi to take photos or capture videos. An example of this is the installation of laser curtains around the home.

High-end security cameras

In the World of the super-rich, having everyday video doorbells does not cut it. Homeowners must invest in the best security camera that affords them night vision, live video surveillance, and a motion detector. The camera should not only be able to detect motion but also follow the would-be intruder around the home, feature facial recognition software, and should be able to capture the number plate of suspicious vehicles in the neighbourhood.

You cannot put a price on security

The rich take this saying to a whole new level, with some of the above-mentioned features costing upwards of a million dollars. But with crime steadily rising, it becomes easy to understand why spending a small fortune to keep themselves, their family, and property safe is not an option but a necessity.

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