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4 Good Looking Designer HiFi systems. Your Audio Systems shouldn’t Just Sound Good. They should Look Good too.

A good sound system can take a great song and make it truly transformative but a great looking sound system can take listening pleasure and elevate it into a complete experience for your senses.

Jul 24, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

Whether you are an audiophile, a sound engineer or a casual listener, ability to perceive tiny changes in filter levels is what makes a great song truly transformational. There are not that many HiFi systems which can do that – only the best do but sometimes, when you’re not about to let music become a background or distraction, you’re going to want the soundtrack to build a whole soundscape for you – when that happens, you don’t just need a good looking HiFi system, you need a well designed audio system that doesn’t just sound good, it should deliver a great experience as well.

4 Good Looking Designer HiFi systems: Your Audio Systems shouldn’t Just Sound Good. They should Look Good too.

If you’re listening for pleasure for the sake of pleasure, you’re going to want to be completely devoted to your sound and the experience of it. A good looking HiFi system, a comfortable chair and a nice long drink is going to magnify that experience and Luxuo has the pleasure of presenting you with these 4 designer audio systems.



Hand assembled at Bossa Sound in California, Moonraker wireless speakers are an homage to mid-century design. Everything from the speaker cabinets, legs, and circuit boards are manufactured locally (using sustainably sourced American hardwoods and reclaimed Teak from the yacht building industry to boot), and each detail encompasses both form and function: The curved polymer shell of the Bossa Moonraker Wireless Speaker was carefully engineered to minimize resonances and diffraction to provide the best listening experience possible. The result is a sound system that looks good and sounds good.

Bossa Moonraker includes two separate bi-amplified speakers which provides a wide sound-stage which makes immersive sound possible – a wave of lush music with depth and warmth, in short, the best possible listening experience. Despite its vintage mid-20th century aesthetic, the Bossa Moonraker is able to connect to your turntable or television using wired optical and coaxial inputs. You can also use them wirelessly through Bluetooth and control the sound through your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

What Bossa delivers is nearly 100 years of combined engineering experience. The sound system artisans deploy sophisticated design techniques based on current psycho-acoustic research with a special focus on the reduction of resonances and the radiation pattern of their designs 0 the consequence is an exceedingly natural sound uncommon among boutique manufacturers.

Bossa Moonraker price: $2400


A leader in high fidelity solutions, Focal, the French audio manufacturer is recognised for its brilliant floor-standing speakers and studio-grade headphones. With a reputation spanning more than 35 years, Focal has just announced its next generation of Sib Evo loudspeakers with Dolby Atmos.

The new Focal Sib Evo with Dolby Atmos enables each speaker in the system to have spatial awareness and play a wider number of individual sounds resulting in an immersive experience beyond what your traditional 5.1 home theatre systems can project. The latest Sib Evo with Dolby Atmos is available in sound system set ups of up to three Sib Evo satellites, two Sib Evo Dobly Atmos loudspeakers and one Cub Evo subwoofer;  this system distinguishes itself by offering sound effects on a vertical plane, reflected off the ceiling. This gives the spectator the impression of being plunged into an ultra-realistic 3D universe!

Prices for the Focal Sib Evo systems with Dolby Atmos start at $599 for 2.0 audio set up, 5.1 $999 for 5.1 and $1,299 for 5.1.2. The new Focal Sib Evo HiFi is available from August 2017.



We have grown so used to the ubiquitous oversized woodbox style of loudspeakers that when an art-school design concept for transparent speakers went viral, we weren’t too surprised. Conceptualised as a graduation project by a People People designer back in 2007, the Stockholm based designers have produced a Transparent Speaker, not from acrylic as one might expect but from premium materials like locally-sourced sapphire glass. Thus, philosophically speaking, the People People Transparent speakers are designed to be stripped of all but the most essential functions, it is a distillation of all the things People People thought a good HiFi system should be and how it fit in our lives and our homes.


The new People People Transparent Speakers come with a built-in Bluetooth for wireless connectivity with your phone or tablet along with analog audio inputs via USB or 3.5mm line-in, with line out capabilities as well. The Transparent Speakers feature a 6.5-inch woofer, dual 3-inch full range drivers, an energy efficient, built-in amplifier with embedded digital signal processing, front panel treble, bass, and volume controls, and old-school power switch – it’s music the way it was meant to be experienced and now, seen – each pulsation of bass from the woofer, the tinkelings of the drivers and enjoy the satisfaction from the torsion drag on its knobs.


People People Transparent Speaker price $850 


What happens when you get the idea to combine a high quality sound system with handcrafted modern furniture design?  You get one heck of a marriage of great sound and great aesthetics. Introducing high end audio system maker Wrensilva and their new Standard One

At the heart of Wrensilva are a husband and wife duo of Scott and Debra Salyer who picked up the craft “on the job” while building Scott’s recording studio – furniture craft was a skill they realised they both had, eventually branching out into commissioned and bespoke furniture pieces for the jetset elite in California. Still, they missed their studio days and audio roots, the end product is good looking designer hifi systems built by professional high-end furniture makers using premium materials.

Available in Walnut or Rift White Oak, the Wrensilva Standard One is a distilled version of the Wrensilva M1 flagshop model. Handmade in San Diego, each Wrensilva Standard One console comes with a fully decoupled belt-driven turntable, a pair of Wrensilva C80M 8-inch two-way speakers, and a room-shaking 300 WPC of clean output power. Don’t let it’s retro-aesthetic deceive you though, the Standard One comes with extended-range Bluetooth connectivity as well as WiFi streaming capabilities for a modernized take on the listening experience – streaming from one’s personal devices


Wrensilva Standard One Price $6,900

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