RED CLUB x Cartier Launches Young Leaders Award

RED CLUB x Cartier is announcing its Young Leaders Award for young entrepreneurial leaders worldwide.

Oct 11, 2021 | By Sarah Ridzwan
giada zhang
Giada Zhang, RED CLUB x Cartier president, CEO of Mulan Group. Image: RED CLUB x Cartier

Cartier has announced the introduction of its Young Leaders Award aimed at young entrepreneurial leaders, launched by RED CLUB x Cartier. It aims to provide young leading entrepreneurs with the necessary financial, social, and human capital support to grow their businesses.

Starting from September this year, applications for the 2022 Young Leaders Award are open to young entrepreneurs aged 25 to 35 years old running impact driven for- or not-for-profit organisations, globally.

The award grants two awardees €50,000 each. The theme of “Asian Empowerment” will recognise young entrepreneurial leaders who are active members of their communities, and those who have exercised positive impacts on society.

First launched in France, Italy and the United Kingdom, the initiative has seen expanded to Russia and Japan. RED CLUB x Cartier seeks out audacious entrepreneurs from Asia or has strong relations with Asia and encourages them to connect and share their experiences of starting, developing, and running a business.

ryan li red club x cartier
Ryan Li, Vice President of RED CLUB x Cartier, founder of Sino British Summit; Founder & CEO of Dere Street Capital; Vice President, Feishang Group

As of today, RED CLUB x Cartier welcomes 19 members of 5 countries from a broad range of industries including food, fashion, energy, technology, and blockchain. 

Speaking on the collaboration, Cartier CEO Cyrille Vigneron said: “Entrepreneurial spirit is a precious asset to be cultivated, particularly during challenging times. RED CLUB x Cartier gives these brilliant and committed entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect, lift their voices and tell stories that celebrate how they help change the world they live in, keeping the cycle of entrepreneurialism alive. Their passion, their pioneering spirit, their creativity and their strong and relentless desire to inspire future generations, are at the very heart of the values of our Maison.”

Applications for the Young Leaders Award will be collected through its website, with details announced on LinkedIn.

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