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The Call Of The Sea: An Exhibition By Female Artists To Foster Art Without Borders

12 female artists with diverse backgrounds are set to showcase their talented works through an exhibition that celebrates their creativity.

Dec 31, 2020 | By Joseph Low

When we are unsure of what’s happening to the world around us, we look towards other sources for some sort of confirmation. Be it through the daily news reporting or simply using social media to be updated of events, we are bombarded with information from everywhere and oftentimes we do not have the time or even energy to process these surging emotions that spawn out from this newfound knowledge. Art then becomes pivotal in helping us to comprehend these difficult times. In a series of artwork curated by Marina Oechsner de Coninck, 12 female artists are invited to share their experimental stories during the Circuit Breaker earlier this year. From paints to sculptures, The Call Of The Sea is an initiatory exploration into the creative process of these artists as they use multidisciplinary practices to actualise these contemplative and raw art pieces.

Below is an exclusive interview with the exhibition’s curator, Marina Oechsner de Coninck on The Call Of The Sea.

The CALL OF THE SEA Exhibition will be staged in Singapore this January 2021, tell us more about the concept and what visitors can expect to see?

You will be delighted to discover more than 40 artworks from 12 female artists from Singapore and France. The concept is to foster art without borders, across continent, culture and craftsmanship, we are invited to travel through the vision of the artists. An initiatory journey inspired by female artists real feelings, memories and awareness during 2020 lockdown. 

Saga Seed By Kumari Nahappan

What inspired you to select only female artists? Do you consider yourself as an engaged curator?

The inspiration of this female artist group show came from our women SG ART LOVERS CLUB. Last summer during the lockdown and the restrictions to travel we started an ART LOVERS CLUB with a group of women with the desire to discover Singapore art galleries, and the artists in their studios. Discover their multi-disciplinary practices and their amazing international exposure experiences. I consider myself an engaged curator, designer and scenographer with the aim to promote art collaboration and brand activation in Asia.

What Will be Left Of Us By Helene Le Chatelier

Tell us about the participating artists and their respective backgrounds. 

A great honour that Kumari Nahappan, the most renowned female sculptor in South East Asia is participating in this collective exhibition. Her Saga seed series is a reservoir for latent energy. The red Saga is associated with a range of universal emotions such as Love, Passion, Remembrance and Longing. Lavender Chang is representing the new generation of Singaporean artists with international exposure and multidisciplinary practices from photography to video editing. She was awarded in 2020 Rotterdam International Festival for her cinematography work “A love Unknown”. I love her truly poetic vision of Singapore, her bus journey is transforming our vision of the city. She will be showing exclusive artworks of her series “ The Floating Rays of a Wanderer” Both artists are engaged to support social community via their works – Lavender with “Faces of Fair Price” and Kumari is supporting Children with Cancer and the Irelands Funds in Singapore.

Unveiling exclusive artworks for the exhibition, four of the artists are showing their works for the first time in Singapore: Lilia Yip, Laur Meyrieux, Charlotte de Charentenay and Linette Cajou. 

Squid Cut By Lilia Yip

If you were to give our art lovers 5 reasons to visit THE CALL OF THE SEA, what would it be?

  1. We believe talent is the new dream destination, a moment to travel through the eyes of the artists. 
  2. Get to know the unique and intimate worlds of female artists from France and Singapore.
  3. Indulge yourself with a moment of emotion, open your heart to art and bring soul at home.  
  4. A unique opportunity to discover international talents at your doorway and at affordable prices.
  5. Be part of the art community in Singapore by discovering local and European female talents.

Eclosion By Charlotte de Charentenay

Will all the artworks exhibited be for sale? 

The artworks are for sale and available to book online via the e-catalogue link in bio on Instagram @marinaoechsner. All the benefits will be reinvested in future art exhibitions and private events.

Will this be an annual exhibition? 

For sure we are aiming to initiate more group shows and private events in 2021 in collaboration with galleries, cultural institutions and international brands based in Singapore.

Which are the supporting partners and galleries? 

We are lucky to collaborate with established partners galleries such as Intersections, Art porters and Cuturi Galleries who are supporting the artists from the start of their career, talents like Helene Le Chatelier, Lavender Chang and Delphine Rama. Many thanks for the contributions of the ladies entrepreneurs of My French Concession, HappyDesignCushions and the French associations UFE and AFS culture. The opening event on the 8th of January will be sponsored by Champagne Perrier Jouet and Pernod Ricard. 

Waves of Desire by Linette Cajou

What measures are you putting in place to ensure the exhibition complies with strictest health rules?

Selegie Art Centre will ensure all the visitors will be welcome according to safety regulations, wearing the masks, temperature check supervision at the entrance. The exhibition will be opened from 12:00 to 19:00 from January 7 to 13 2021.

On a personal basis, can you let our readers know which is your favourite museum in Singapore?

I am a fan of the National Gallery in Singapore for the iconic architecture facing Marina Bay Sands and their stunning art exhibitions. Another female artist exhibition not to miss in 2021: Georgette Chen, At home in the world.

Contact Information:

Marina Oechsner de Coninck is contactable via Instagram and

The exhibition will be at Selegie Art Centre from January 7 to 13 2021, visit for further enquires.


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