Porsche Releases New eBikes to Complement its Taycan Cross Turismo

When Porsche unveiled its new 2021 Taycan Cross Turismo last Wednesday, one feature that turned heads was the addition of a new rear carrier, capable of carrying up to two bicycles. Released alongside the off-road version of its flagship electric vehicle (EV) were two new eBikes, the Porsche eBike Cross and Sport.

Mar 10, 2021 | By Abram Yum

Porsche chose the perfect time to release their new eBikes. Given that the Taycan is their flagship EV, pairing it with two new electronic modes of transport shows the brand’s commitment to become electrified by 2025. Designed in collaboration with electric bicycle expert ROTWILD, and built in Dieburg, Hesse, Germany, both eBikes will feature a full-suspension carbon frame, inspired by the Taycan, a removable 504 Wh battery, and a Shimano EP8 motor.

The eBike Cross was built with ruggedness and durability in mind, designed to handle adverse off-road conditions.

eBike Cross

Porsche advertised their eBike Cross as an off-road bicycle “at home in the countryside, off the beaten path and away from roads”. Apart from features such as the carbon frame, Shimano motor, and full suspension that it shares with the eBike Sport, it also sports Magura-MT Trail hydraulic disc brakes. These high-performance brakes are extra-large, which helps with quick deceleration, and are heat-resistant to help with durability under adverse off-road conditions. Additionally, the Shimano XT 12-fold shifting system allows for fast gear changes, enabling the rider to efficiently traverse different terrains.

To achieve optimal comfort, the Crankbrothers Highline seat post is able to be adjusted quickly to different points according to the user’s preference. Paired with the ergonomic handlebars, the eBike Cross is easy to control even when going across rough ground. Rounding everything off is the Shimano colour display, showing the user essential details such as speed, range and distance.

The eBike Sport was designed for comfortable cruising along smooth city and country roads.

eBike Sport

In comparison to the Cross, the eBike Sport is meant for use as a daily mode of transportation on smoother roads and paths. The Shimano EP8 which provides power for both eBikes is ultra-compact, allowing both to maintain the elegant lines and sleek profiles that Porsche is known for. The motor gives the user up to 25km/h of speed. A far cry from the speed monsters that Porsche is known for, but that is, unfortunately, the legal top speed for eBikes under European Union regulations.

The high-performance brakes from Margura built into the handlebars give the eBike Sport a clean and portable aesthetic. Perfect for the daily commute within an urban populace. Adding on to this design choice is the use of M99 LED lights, developed by Supernova, set into the handlebar stem and seat post. Finally, the smooth tyres, Margura upside-down suspension fork and Fox rear shock absorber allows for consistently smooth commutes along asphalt roads.

Porsche eBike Coss
Porsche eBike Sport

As mentioned, the two eBikes debuted alongside the Taycan Cross Turismo which had the option of a rear carrier. The rear carrier’s 50kg payload and long wheel rails allows two eBikes to be mounted and transported. It can be used for different types of bicycles apart from Porsche’s eBikes and can also be upgraded with another rail to mount a third bicycle where necessary.

The use of high-quality components such as the new Shimano motor and carbon frame, not to mention the Porsche logo on the head tube, mean the these eBikes will cost a little more than conventional offerings already on the market. After all, products bearing the mark of established automobile makers often command higher prices, just like the Ducati Mountain Bikes released last year. The Cross will set you back US$8,549 while the Sport will cost buyers around US$10,700. The two models are now available online on Porsche’s website.

All images courtesy of Porsche.

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