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2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica with HGTC Pack

Highly sought-after and collectable, this example stood out from its predecessor as described by the seller as “a limited-production convertible and the most desirable iteration of the vaunted 575M Maranello.” Find out more…

Apr 27, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica with HGTC Pack

Many Ferrari owners and car enthusiasts are fond of the revere supercar for the marque’s rich history, engine, car performance, body styling, the sophisticated details and technicalities that went into producing the car. When the marque releases a new production model for sale, it would normally capture the curiosity and attention of car aficionados.

Ferrari – as the word suggests – the exotic vehicle is still seen by many as the world’s fastest production car in the 21st century. Do expect a rare Ferrari to fetch a staggering price at auction as good examples and limited editions are hard to find. Though it might not be the cheapest to maintain, perhaps, spending between €550,000 and €650,000 on this featured Ferrari could be a wise move.

This rare and desirable 575 Superamerica coupe, equipped with a brand-new convertible-top system and Ferrari’s popular optional F1-style six-speed transmission as well as the desirable HGTC pack, will be auctioned off at the upcoming RM Sotheby’s exclusive Monaco sale. Held from May 12 at Grimaldo Forum, Monte Carlo, the event will coincide with the Monaco historic grand prix.

Built with a left-hand drive, the 2006 Ferrari 575 Superamericas are produced in very small numbers and are only available to Ferrari’s valued clients. When this example was first introduced on the market in 1996, Ferrari’s clients insisted on an open-top variant of the new car. Later, the company devised a brand-new convertible-top system, constructed of carbon-fibre frame incorporated with electrochromic glass to be fitted to a production car, thus offering clients all the freedom of a convertible coupled with the security of a coupe.

The coupe was delivered new to its buyer in 2006 and being one of just 43 Superamericas fitted with the six-speed manual transmission and having travelled only less than 10,000 original kilometres in its lifetime, the car only had a single owner from new.

Sporty, classic and sophisticated looking from all angles, the 575 Superamerica coupe is thoroughly exciting to drive. The supercar represents the modern, open-top V12 Ferrari at its best. Of the 559 examples built, this 2006 Ferrari 575 Superamerica example was finished in Grigio Titanio over a Cuoio leather interior. The car featured a brand-new convertible-top system, and HGTC pack along with carbon-ceramic brakes, titanium exhaust and suspension, and steering upgrades.

Price: €550,000 – €650,000

More information about the upcoming Monaco auction sale can be found here or visit LUXIFY to browse for more supercar collection.

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