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Exhibition: D Gallerie presents Naufal Abshar

‘The World of Entertainment’ reveals a world of ironies

Apr 27, 2018 | By Mary Ann Lim

Naufal Abshar, ‘The World of Entertainment’

Painted with bold colours and peculiar caricatures, Naufal Abshar‘s new exhibition, ‘The World of Entertainment’, is a tongue-in-cheek social commentary highlighting the absurdities of modern-day entertainment. Featuring his idiosyncratic satirical style, the exhibition invites audiences into a dystopian universe where the perils of mass media are displayed with touches of humour and wit. Running from 27 April to 27 May 2018 at D Gallerie, this is Naufal’s first solo exhibition in Indonesia.

Naufal Abshar, ‘I am the star’, acrylic and oil pastel, 203 x 140cm.

A deep sense of irony undercuts the various works displayed in the exhibition. At first glance, the paintings ostensibly feature fashionably dressed figures with smiles and laughter on their faces. Under the veneer of cheerfulness however, the wide grins of laughter reveal something more grotesque and sinister. The eyes of his painted personas are also empty, as if they are laughing unconsciously. These darker underpinnings spell out a strong criticism against the greed for and excesses of entertainment.

Naufal Abshar, ‘Dumb Deal’, mixed media, 183 x 100cm.

In an era where social media and rapid advances in technology allow most people to turn the spotlight on themselves, Naufal’s commentary is both astute and insightful. Each painting is accompanied by mischievous jokes that dress the characters up with humour, encouraging audiences to laugh at the nonsensical images. In an ironical twist, the laughter of the caricatures mirror the laughter of the audiences who are equally consumers and producers within the world of entertainment.

Naufal Abshar, ‘Buaya Darat’, acrylic and oil pastel, 200 x 120cm.

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