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Dine in the sky in Brussels

To celebrate the 2012 Year of Gastronomy and Brusselicious, Brussels is offering a sky high culinary experience with “Dinner in the Sky”.

May 31, 2012 | By AFPRelaxnews

Dinner in the Sky Brussels

From June 4 to July 1, Brussels is offering a sky high culinary experience with “Dinner in the Sky”, a unique opportunity to discover Belgian gastronomy in an unusual way.

The Dinner in the Sky event will allow more than 600 guests to take part in this lofty eating experience, seated at a “flying dinner table” set 30 meters above one of four key tourist sites in the city.

Hanging over the city’s Royal Palace (June 4-10), Atomium (June 11-17), Esplanade of Cinquantenaire (June 18-24) and the Bois de la Cambre (June 25-July 1), this restaurant with a sky setting will serve dishes concocted by seven renowned Brussels-based chefs: Yves Mattagne, Lionel Rigolet, Pascal Devalkeneer, Giovanni Bruno, David Martin, Luigi Ciciriello and Patrick Vandecasserie.

For each serving, 22 diners will be transported to their seat 30 meters above ground, where they will be in the company of a chef.

The gondola will be installed at each of the four sites for one week, and every day one of the participating chefs will be responsible for the dishes served to the thrill-seeking gourmets.

Diners who wish to take part in the event, organized within the framework of Brusselicious 2012, should reserve their seat and meal, priced at €250, in advance.

Dinner in the Sky has previously taken place in other cities around the world including Paris, London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Sydney and Monaco.

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