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Top 10 Highest Earning Celebrities 2016

Taylor Swift heads the pack at number one, while a few more unexpected names round out the list.

Jul 18, 2016 | By Luxuo

By now it is old news that Taylor Swift is the top earning celebrity, and that Queen Bey and her King Jay are the most expensive power couple. However, if we were to be totally honest, it is innate human curiosity (read: we’re busybodies) to find out more about these famous and rich people. Also, they happen to be exceedingly entertaining, by dint of their talents but by virtue of our collective interest. Enter the top 10 highest paid celebrities, courtesy of Forbes.

Clinching runner-up position next to squad leader T-Swift are teenage heartthrobs One Direction, who are also automatically the top earning boy band. They rake in $110 million, although individually they probably make less when split four ways. We wonder what Zayn Malik thinks of this ranking.

Other luminaries of note in the list are author James Patterson of the Alex Cross series at number 3 (he’s terribly successful but also just plain “terrible”, according to Stephen King), highest earning athlete Cristiano Ronaldo at fourth (tying with Dr Phil McGraw, the highest ranking PhD holder), and richest comedian Kevin Hart just a step down from Ronaldo. Howard Stern, Lionel Messi, Adele and Rush Limbaugh round up the list in descending order.

For completion’s sake, finishing the Forbes list at position 99 is nineties It girl Britney Spears. While past the prime of her career as a teenage pop star, we guess that oops, she did it again, and we can’t hold it against her.

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