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3 Hottest Menswear Trends: New York Fashion Week

The next It things to deck your wardrobes and OOTDs with – get ready for our fashion week round-up.

Jul 18, 2016 | By Luxuo

We’ve gone through so many fashion weeks together (since 2008 if you want to look at what we’ve done historically), with Haute Couture Week being the latest. As is common practice now, and New York Fashion Week Men’s just coming to a close a few days ago, we suss out the top three trends worthy of our attention – and closets.

Hybrid Dressing


Left: Michael Kors. Right: David Hart X Hart Schaffner Marx.

If we had a dollar for every time the catchphrases “musical chairs” and “hybrid” are mentioned, we would be rich by now. With the trend so severely abused, the collections had a large hurdle to overcome – and they performed well. Michael Kors led the pack in amalgamating formal and casual wear, birthing cotton polo shirts with linen sateen trousers, or anorak trenches with cropped trousers. David Hart X Hart Schaffner Marx similarly jumped on the bandwagon, teaming beach shorts with blazers and ties. It’s an exemplary exercise in subtle chic.

All White


Left: Carlos Campos. Right: Katama.

White is the new black, with the pristine shade being the color (or lack thereof if you prefer) of choice for several labels. Masterfully employed to break the looks up with a crisp freshness, Carlos Campos employed head-to-toe whites and creams. On the other hand, Katama experimented in a palette of ivory and light grey shades, injected into short sleeved shirts, tank tops, windbreakers and the like.

Pattern on Pattern


Left: Ricardo Seco. Right: Thorsun.

On the other spectrum, splashes of riotous pattern paint the collections – minimalists need not apply. Ricardo Seco played on abstract intergalactic motifs in pinks and purples, while Thorsun was unabashed in peppering shirts and shorts with playful illustrations. The runways need not always be serious, as this trend has shown; one can reconnect with their inner child while staying stylish.

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